Measurement Strategy
KPI Mapping, Platform Planning
We define Key Performance Indicators with stakeholders, then lay out the analytics & tag management tactics to capture needed metrics & dimensions
  • KPI Definition
  • Measurement Plan
  • Next Steps

KPI Definition

Empirical Path leads Key Performance Indicator (KPI) exploration and definition projects to specify the exact metrics, dimensions, ratios, baselines and segments to be used to report on the client’s website performance. Specifically, we:

  • Propose a definition for each Key Performance Indicator — the precise baselines and metrics, dimensions, ratios and segments — based on these findings
  • Propose a prioritization of these KPIs based on a client-specific weighting of the following factors: relevance to organizational goals, technical feasibility and action-ability
  • Finalize with client stakeholders a list of four to six KPIs, the range we recommend to balance breadth and focus and secondary “PIs” as well

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