Marketing Attribution
Campaign Performance and ROI
You're not alone. Many organizations struggle to manage and measure the many campaigns, marketing channels, and customer touch points that make up today's complex conversions. We help you with the technical side and the process.
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You're Not Alone. Most Struggle to Measure their Marketing

We get it.  We’ve been there.  Campaign tracking and attribution is harder than it should be–even with the best tools in-place.  And the bigger and more complex your organization, the more impossible it all seems to be.  Most of us at Empirical Path come from enterprise backgrounds and understand the pain.   We see the difficulties in so many of the Analytics Audits we do–the lack of an effective, global campaign naming conventions, marketing channel silos each doing their own thing, and, if when they exist at all, campaign tagging tools and processes that were never really designed for actual human beings to use. Our standard campaign cleanup and marketing attribution engagements deliver not only useful tools and technical solutions to keep all of your tagging on track, we provide the process and training to keep everything grounded in reality.  Let our experienced and knowledgeable consultants share with your team what they’ve learned from helping clients large and small make marketing measurement meaningful again.

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