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We audit web analytics implementations to ensure crucial visitor behaviors are captured accurately and reported clearly.

About Our Analytics Audits

Whether you’re migrating a website, setting up an analytics platform, or doubting the accuracy of reports, a professional analytics audit gets things back on track and ensures reliable and actionable insights for your organization.

Learn more below about what’s covered in our audits, how pricing works, and why an audit by Empirical Path stands apart from the rest. Download our Analytics Audit Quick Reference Guide for a list of our analytics checkpoints.

  • When to Audit?
  • Audit Types
  • Our Audit Process
  • Audit Pricing

Why Audit Your Analytics And When?

It’s rare to find an analytics implementation that isn’t leaking data, double counting, or missing out on meaningful captures. There are many times when an analytics audit makes sense. We recommend our thorough top-to-bottom advanced analytics audit any time you go through a website migration, make significant changes to your tracking setup or platform, or know that it’s simply been a while. Download our Analytics Audit checkpoints (pdf).

Types: Basic, Advanced, Ecommerce, and 360 Audits to Fit Your Needs

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer variations of our analytics audit to suit the needs of your organization.  Our analytics audits cover Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and other popular platforms. We also audit & repair specialized analytics technologies like Firebase, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Segment, Google Tag Manager, Tealium and others.

  • Our Basic Audit covers the essentials needed for a minimal implementation. It’s perfect for a small-to-medium content site where budget is limited, or if you are just getting started with analytics or need a quick check-up.
  • The Advanced Analytics Audit is our standard offering and where most of our clients begin. The Advanced Audit is well-suited for websites of any size or complexity. This audit covers everything in basic plus twice as many additional checkpoints across all categories.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce (EEC) Audit: While our advanced audit covers transactional websites and standard ecommerce tracking, our EEC Audit add-on supplements with additional checkpoints like internal promotions and reconciliation of transaction data sets.
  • Google Analytics 360 Audit: This audit add-on covers all the checkpoints necessary to ensure you get the most from your investment, including qualification for enhanced 360 features and integrations with additional tools & data sets (eg, Big Query and Campaign platforms).

Download our complete Analytics Audit checkpoints (pdf).

Process: Our Analytics Audits Are Meticulous And Thorough

We take our audits seriously because they provide that foundational first step for ongoing measurement success.

  1. Before work begins, we sit down with your team and ensure complete understanding of your business context, reporting needs, and known or suspected issues.
  2. Our team of fully certified and experienced consultants dive in and employ a combination of automated scanning tools and meticulous, feature-by-feature validations of your website & tracking mechanisms.
  3. We document all our findings in a detailed report (8-12 pages) and propose actionable remediation for each trouble spot alongside impact scoring and level of effort (LOE) estimates for easy planning.
  4. Finally, we walk through the report with your team to ensure everyone understands the findings and next steps.

Depending on complexity, an audit can take 4-6 weeks with time allotted for discovery and follow up.

Download our complete Analytics Audit checkpoints (pdf).

Pricing: Investing in Insight

An analytics audit is the first and most important step toward generating consistent and reliable insights from your web property. Our audits are thorough, precise, and always handled by experienced and  fully certified professionals, often with first-hand industry experience relevant to your business. 

  • Our Basic Audits are affordably priced for budget-conscious organizations just getting started with their analytics implementation or who just need a quick check-up.
  • Our Advanced Audits are roughly twice the cost of Basic but includes three times as many checkpoints as Basic. This is by far our most popular option.
  • Our audit add-ons–Enhanced Ecommerce and Analytics 360–each add modest amounts on top of the Advanced Audit base pricing.

We’re always happy to work with you on custom pricing for multiple sites or complex setups. Reach out to one of our experts to talk about taking next steps toward analytics ROI.

Download our complete Analytics Audit checkpoints (pdf).

What Do Our Audits Cover?

Since 2003, we have been perfecting our list of audit checkpoints which really make a difference for data-driven businesses. Below, check out our audit checkpoints, categories, and supplemental add-ons which ensure complete coverage of your analytics setup.

  • Account Structure
  • Tracking Code Coverage
  • Behavior & Conversion
  • Segmentation
  • Attribution
  • Reporting
  • Privacy & Compliance

Account Structure: For Governance & Manageability

Even the best-laid plans for analytics account structure, governance, and user authorizations can quickly go awry. Empirical Path clients benefit from getting the fundamentals in place, including account hierarchies, naming conventions, and best practices for backed up data. But, we go beyond the basics and help your team consider optimal account configuration for avoiding high sampling rates and remaining below hit limits allowed by your license. We provide your team with specific, actionable guidance for setting up your analytics account for long-term reporting success.

Download our complete Analytics Audit checkpoints (pdf).

Analytics Audit Add-ons

While our standard list of analytics audit checkpoints covers a majority of websites, we do offer additional add-ons that make sense for clients with more advanced ecommerce tracking setups and for clients with Analytics 360 licenses.

Enhanced Ecommerce (EEC) Audit Checkpoints

Because of the complex requirements and considerations unique to ecommerce sites, we offer these checkpoints in a separate add-on audit package designed to validate and reconcile the numbers you see in your analytics tool with those reported by your transactional and customer databases.

Our expert consultants are industry veterans with years of experience working inside top, luxury, retail, and B2B brand names. They are uniquely qualified to help your team trust your ecommerce reports.

Analytics 360 Audit Checkpoints

The Google Analytics 360 Checkpoints are a supplement on top of everything covered in the basic and advanced analytics audits. We ensure you are getting the most from Google’s premium analytics tool, and we confirm you are taking advantage of powerful features that often go overlooked and unclaimed.

We evaluate your eligibility and help you qualify for exclusive 360 features, and we identify value-added integrations with other tools from Google and third-parties. Our long history as a Google Partner with proven Analytics 360 implementations means we are uniquely qualified to help you see analytics ROI faster.

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