Analytics Audits
Trust Your Data
We audit web analytics implementations to ensure crucial visitor behaviors are captured accurately and reported clearly.
  • Find Hidden Errors
  • Surface Opportunities
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Fix it Your Way

Tired of Data Discrepancies?

It’s rare to find an analytics implementation that isn’t leaking data, double counting, or missing out altogether on significant touch points.  In our analytics audits, our whole team tackles your site, running through an extensive checklist looking in the not-so-obvious places where small things can cause big problems.

  • Our whole-team approach to auditing your website means you benefit from perspective and expertise
  • Combined user task and machine-based auditing makes sure no stone is left unturned
  • Platform-agnostic audits proven in years of working with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and others.

Analytics Audit Pricing & Approach

For each audit, our consultants visit and interact with client subdomains and domains to inspect elements of actions promoted by the site, such as using forms, downloads, sharing tools, rich media, and links to other sites. We examine the tracking code on key pages as well as the HTTP headers conveyed to analytics systems from these pages and the above actions. Next, we perform an automated scan of sample pages on all subdomains to validate that latest version of tracking code is functioning on each page. Finally, we review existing reporting in-depth, highlighting opportunities to improve clarity and intuitiveness of reporting, identifying ways to improve accuracy, and brainstorming new metrics that align with key business drivers. Ensure reliable data with every Checkpoint of a Basic or Advanced Audit offered at a fixed fee. View or Download our latest analytics audit checklist and pricing sheet (PDF).

Analytics Audits Case Studies

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