Data Collection for Today's Marketing Stack
Only using one marketing data source? We didn't think so. Marketing stacks aren't worth much if they can't talk to each other or share the same data. Segment ensures you are sending the same data to your analytics platform, your advertising console, your email marketing tool, as well as your data warehouse. Get your tools working together with Segment.
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Many Destinations. Many Sources. One Pipeline.

So, you’ve got Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Facebook, and Optimizely collecting hits and sending it all directly to HubSpot, BigQuery, and Tableau?  Say no to spaghetti-style solutions and send a unified data schema through a single pipe instead using tag management solution, Segment. Segment plays nicely with just about everybody–yes, including Google Tag Manager.  Check out Segment’s huge integrations catalog showing all of the possible sources and destinations for your data. We’ve implemented enough of those data combinations to be certified as an official Segment Solution Partner.  Let us help your team clean up and centralize your data flow and get your marketing tools working together.

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