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As Google Marketing Platform Sales Partners, we are authorized to customize your package of Google’s analytics platforms—and integrate with advertising platforms—with flexible pricing and services to match your needs.

Empirical Path is a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner

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As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, Empirical Path invests heavily in staff development, certifications, and internal knowledge sharing. While our consultants come to us with deep industry and analytics experience, we ensure they continue to bring their best to every new engagement. This is why so many well-known brands, both large and small, trust Empirical Path for guidance, implementation, and support on Google’s powerful marketing platform tools.

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Keep reading or reach out directly to one of our fully certified and experienced GMP Consultants to learn more about specific ways Empirical Path helps digital companies realize the value of their Google Marketing Platform investment.

Strategy, Organization and Operations Services

Here at Empirical Path, we don’t just deliver expert technical analytics audits, custom tracking, and platform migrations.  We help your digital team make long-term marketing measurement plans, govern your data processes, and connect the dots between marketing technology and larger organizational objectives.

We don’t just help you fix your analytics tools and data flows; we build trust and help your team believe that data works. We develop your people and processes and help you build a compelling vision for continual improvement.

  • Business/Media/Tech/Marketing Diagnostic
    Thorough, regular audits of your analytics and tag management platforms build trust and provide an essential foundation for any professional measurement & optimization program.  Letting our experienced consultants dig deep into your Analytics 360 and Tag Manager 360 setups means your team can stop worrying about bad data, missed opportunities, and leaky pipes and start using the information to advance product development, omni-channel marketing efforts, and predictive modeling.

  • Capability Maturity Assessments & Roadmaps
    You’ve made smart investments in your platforms and people, and you’re getting comfortable with the tools, but now what?  Our audits and assessments are more than just lists of fixes; they are timely opportunities to drive the conversation with your team about what’s possible and how to extract more value out of your GMP tools and related services.  This is where Empirical Path helps growing digital businesses understand not just what’s missing but what’s possible.

  • Marketing Strategy & Roadmap
    During Measurement Strategy engagements, our analysts sit down with your decision makers to discover and evaluate smart and sustainable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which will deliver focus, discipline, and buy-in from the whole marketing team.  Measurement strategy and planning helps everyone in the organization understand not only which tools and integrations will serve you best but also why and how those solutions will continue to deliver value as your business grows.

Implementation, Onboarding and Data Architecture Services

Investing in valuable marketing and measurement tools like those found in the Google Marketing Platform collection gets you nowhere without solid, comprehensive processes and expert integrations. 

With marketing data, the magic is in the mix but only if it’s manageable. This is why Empirical Path not only helps you get online and offline data flowing into your tools but also ensures your processes for governing those data relationships are sound and sustainable.

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One of your most valuable investments in marketing measurement also happens to be one of the most affordable.

Getting your team up-to-speed on powerful Google Marketing Platform tools and Cloud Platform recipes means more than in-housing expertise and saving money on service calls.  It means investing in data culture and fueling your innovation engine with technical know-how.

Empirical Path’s fully certified, experienced consultants are adept at taking teams with diverse abilities and roles and delivering hands-on training sessions tailored to your martech stack and business objectives.

Our trainings cover technologies like Analytics 360, Optimize 360, Tag Manager 360, and Google Cloud Platform as well as methodologies for measurement strategy, campaign tracking, data-driven attribution, and audience building.

Audience, Attribution & Advanced Analytics Services

With the right analytics platforms, processes, and people all working together, it’s time to start solving for the more advanced opportunities that are just perfect for Google Marketing Platform’s integrated ecosystem. Empirical Path consultants have helped well-known companies of all sizes get beyond the obvious insights and tackle more elusive and nuanced questions about audience segmentation, customer lifetime value, data-driven attribution, and omni-channel measurement strategies.

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Site Testing & Personalization

When implemented correctly, Google Marketing Platform allows organizations to stop guessing and start knowing where friction is impacting the customer journey and hampering results. 

Even better, when powerful tools like Analytics 360 and Optimize 360 are part of a connected ecosystem, you not only get customer insights faster, you can quickly take action by adjusting targets and altering the user experience and see results in real time.

Let Empirical Path’s fully certified Testing & Personalization experts help you make the most of your Google Marketing Platform investment.

Managed Services

For clients who can use a little extra help with analysis and optimization or program evaluation, Empirical Path offers support resources to supply or supplement in-house expertise.  We’ll match you up with an expert on our team with the right skills and Google Marketing Platform certifications to fit your marketing capabilities. Growing organizations large and small find our support options efficient and cost-effective for quickly expanding into new marketing technologies and taking that next step toward measurement maturity.

Talk to us today to learn how Empirical Path experts provide custom support for your team and provide valuable perspective and input for your measurement program.

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