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Ad tracking made easy

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but if you dine on campaign data, we can guarantee you won’t pay too much. Empirical Path is proud to introduce another fixed-fee service to our clients, so the “investment” part of the ROI equation is certain.  With our Campaign Tracking service, the “return on” part is also pretty clear: marketers […]

Web Analytics Wednesday coming to NYC

New York web analytics professionals are so talented, they alter the space-time continuum. OK, that’s not why we’re sponsoring a Web Analytics Wednesday — “the single most popular social network and networking event in the digital measurement sector” — on a Thursday, December 1 at Bamboo 52 in Manhattan from 6 p.m. In reality, Jim […]

Empirical Path on a mission

“What can we offer to customers that other firms cannot?” Jim and I had to stop and think when this was posed by a candidate to become our Director of Business Development for the western U.S. It’s a great question that gets to the heart of our value to employees, clients and partners. Later that […]

1 year later, we still love Custom Variables

One year ago today, Jim and I helped Google Analytics roll out a new feature that hugely expands analysts’ ability to segment all kinds of visitor-level data.  Since then, we’ve included Custom Variables in almost every web analytics engagement, so we’ll detail some of the most creative applications below. Custom Variables brought the free GA tool’s […]

Web Analytics Audit

We audit web analytics implementations — for a flat fee — to validate that key visitor behaviors are captured accurately and reported clearly. Data-driven recommendations won’t help your organization if decision-makers don’t trust the analytics, and no tool tracks everything out-of-the-box, so we recommend fixes and enhancements to ensure robust numbers.

Contact Us

When you reach out to Empirical Path, you get in touch directly with our fully qualified and experienced consultants.   Whether you need an analytics audit, training, support, or a custom quote on Google Analytics 360 licensing, let’s talk today.