Yahoo! Web Analytics partners with Empirical Path

“You can’t be too rich, or too friendly with free web analytics solutions.”

That’s why we just announced our selection into another authorized consultant program:

Yahoo! Web Analytics

“Empirical Path is honored to be one of a small number accepted — out of hundreds of applications from agencies all over the world — into the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network of independent analytics specialists. While we work nationally, we are the only Georgia and New Mexico consultants — and one of very few in the Southeast or the Southwest — who provide these analytics services, including assistance with planning, implementation and usage.”

Some might ask, “why, when you are already an Omniture Certified Support Professional and a Google Analytics Certified Partner, would you partner with Yahoo!?”

First of all, because we keep hearing a need for real-time data, especially from our media clients. And in the words of Yahoo!, we want to empower them to:

“View visit information—on each individual visit if you choose—within minutes of it occurring on your site, for a near real-time view of your website and the impact of new website content, marketing campaigns, or news and events.”

Second, we keep finding clients who rely on Yahoo! Advertising and/or Yahoo! Merchant Solutions ecommerce plans, which are the only ways (other than contacting us) you can even use Yahoo! Web Analytics:

“…Yahoo! Web Analytics (YWA) is a free web analytics product that we offer to select advertisers, customers and partners of Yahoo!. If you qualify for an account then you can install YWA to your website and your site doesn’t necessarily need to be hosted by Yahoo! for YWA to run on it.”

Turns out there are a number of other benefits that distinguish Yahoo!’s tool from others. As a market researcher, many of the most appealing features make use of the demographic and behavioral data a top ad-driven portal can provide:

“Visitor Demographics Reports: Better understand who your customers are and how to better align your marketing with your desired audience.

  • …an aggregated snapshot of the age groups, gender, and age-gender cross-tabulations of customers from each of your traffic channels.
  • Age and gender can also be used as dimensions for filtering and segmenting data.
  • Demographic information can be used to create more targeted campaigns, or to find high performing audiences in new channels.

Visitor Behavioral Reports: Learn the interest categories and top Yahoo! properties visited by your customers.

  • … reveal the interest categories of your customers, based upon the types of websites they visit.
  • Like demographics, Interest Category and Yahoo! Property characteristics can also be used as segmentation dimensions.”

Other nice-to-haves make life easier when we are analyzing data and presenting findings to clients:

  • “Each user can create multiple personalized dashboards per website.
  • See individual click paths, time spent, actions taken, and other information about particular visits.
  • … advanced graphing options which allow you to add multiple metrics to a chart and select from different visual options to create advanced graphs that tell a more robust story.”

This last one holds out the promise of automatically importing data from non-Yahoo! PPC systems, potentially avoiding the pain of campaign tagging:

  • “Import PPC campaign information from Yahoo! Search Marketing and other search engines and integrate it with the actions and revenue to help you evaluate the ROI of campaigns, keywords, products, etc. in order to optimize keyword bids, product merchandising and budgeting.”

We’re looking forward to working with Yahoo! and its customers to help increase sales and visitor satisfaction, reduce marketing costs, and gain new insight on online customers.

Please read about some of the e-commerce businesses we’ve advised or contact us about auditing enhancing, or interpreting Yahoo! Web Analytics.

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