We’re Mixpanel “consultants who get it”

Our newest partner has a mission we can get behind: “…to help the world learn from their data.”

mixpanel consultantEmpirical Path is excited to announce a partnership with mobile and web analytics platform Mixpanel. More than 1,000 businesses use Mixpanel to analyze 12+ billion actions every month to understand how their combined 225 million customers use their products.

Mixpanel sets itself apart from other analytics tools by focusing on tracking funnels composed of actions rather than pageviews, and individuals rather than aggregates. Mixpanel’s interface is easy to use, and simplifies segmenting your data to generate useful reports.

Key features of Mixpanel include:

  • Real Time Data – No more waiting for updated data; all data in Mixpanel is real-time.
  • Advanced Querying – Mixpanel’s customized approach to analytics allows you to ask any question of your data.
  • Conversion Experiments – Identify where you are losing conversions, and run experiments to find a solution.
  • Customer Retention – Track and measure user engagement.
  • User Analysis – Learn about your users and how they interact with your site.
  • Notifications – Keep your users up to date and keep them coming back through scheduled or push notifications.

Three Empirical Path consultants completed training in Mixpanel and learned the ins and outs of implementing, customizing, and interpreting the tool. Now we are among a small group of “consultants who get it” and the only such firm in the Washington DC and Atlanta regions; in CEO Geddes Munson’s words:

“Mixpanel is easy to integrate. But if you need help figuring out the ideal implementation or don’t have the technical resources, you may want an expert to help you out. Finding the right expert who really gets it can be hard, so we went out and found them for you. We’re pleased to announce our inaugural set of Consultants That Get It: a group of world-class analytics consulting companies who have been trained by our Solutions Architects in the Mixpanel Way. These companies have a thorough understanding of the best ways to plan and integrate Mixpanel into your web site or mobile app. These consultants have worked with giant Fortune 500s, innovative startups, and passionate non-profits to make sure they are tracking the right data points to help them grow their businesses. We’re confident that if you are looking for an outside consultant to help your company move forward with analytics, one of these consultants that get it will get you what you need.”

In particular for web and mobile apps, mobile games, sites with logins, and sites that do not generate unique pageviews for each interaction, Mixpanel is a good fit. It can be used in conjunction with our other Partners — Google Analytics and Webtrends — and tools we support — Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst), IBM Digital Analtyics (formerly Coremetrics), Clicky, and ChartBeat. With tag management, events or actions can be sent to multiple analytics tools at once.

Track your user engagement with Mixpanel by contacting Empirical Path.

Jeremy Jaramillo is a Web Developer from Albuquerque, NM. He has worked as a Web Analytics Technical Specialist for Empirical Path for two years helping with A/B Testing and Web Analytics Audits. You can read more about him at http://about.me/jeremyjaramillo.

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