Webtrends allies with Empirical Path

Forget what we said about free analytics tools freeing up budget!

Actually, keep it in mind and weigh it against the benefits of premium analytics software like Webtrends, our newest alliance partner.  Empirical Path is very pleased to be chosen as an Agency Partner by Webtrends and to return to the company’s Engage conference this week.  From our Leading Alliances section:

“We deliver implementation of and insights from Webtrends Analytics, which provides the industry’s most accurate picture of how customers interact with your brand in the digital space.  Real-time data, intelligent alerts, and the ability to easily share information within your organization means Empirical Path and Webtrends empower your team to make smart and timely decisions based on solid data.

Empirical Path is proud to be chosen as an Agency Partner of Webtrends.  We help Webtrends customers execute on great marketing campaigns, implement solutions and realize real ROI on their investments with Webtrends.  Empirical Path has proven experience delivering results in every area.”

Personally, I credit Webtrends with showing me what analytics can do over the company’s lifespan, first at my business school newspaper, then at my own startup, and at the enterprise level, on multiple projects for interactive agencies.  I also dig their iPhone app, pictured at right.

The more we hear from clients the need to robustly measure social media and mobile investments, the more we rely on cutting-edge, supported software like Webtrends Analytics.  Please contact us to see what enterprise software can do for you.

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