Webinar to highlight new analytics features

google analytics new featuresPerformance enhancing drugs have no place in marketing, but performance enhancing measurement can give marketers a legitimate edge on the competition.

That’s why our Jim Snyder is presenting a webinar, “Google Analytics on Steroids – New Features: What You Need to Know,” with one of our agency partners and clients, Seattle search engine marketing firm Point It.  Wednesday October 10 at 11 am PDT, Jim and Point It Director of Strategy Ian Mackie will teach attendees:

  • Powerful new features in Google Analytics and why that’s important to you
  • How to get actionable, impactful, data out of Google Analytics
  • How to integrate data into Salesforce and other CRMs
  • How to use attribution modeling & remarketing in Google Analytics

UPDATE: please see slides and video here.

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Point It’s press release lays out the agenda and why Jim is so qualified to guide viewers through it:


“Point It, a leading provider of search engine marketing services, is hosting a free webinar October 10 starting at 11 a.m. PDT. “Google Analytics on Steroids – New Features and What You Need to Know!” (https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/121824496) will show viewers how to take advantage of the measurement tool’s latest features.

Over the past year, Google has rolled out multiple new features of its popular web analytics tool, leaving many users confused. Point It has studied and will detail the changes to attendees, letting them know how these changes could impact site performance analysis going forward.

Joining Point It Director of Strategy Ian Mackie is Jim Snyder, principal at Google Analytics Certified Partner Empirical Path. Snyder has worked in web strategy and analysis for such high profile organizations as Weather.com and CNN.com and an MBA from Georgia Tech. He is certified as an expert on Google Analytics and has advised clients in media, retail and government on implementing and customizing web analytics tools on how to get the same or better data that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for free.

Snyder will demonstrate some features in the most recent Google announcement – Google Tag Manager – which gives marketing managers the ability to control and update GA tags without having to go through IT departments

In addition to introducing Google Analytics’ powerful new features, the webinar will demonstrate how users can extract actionable insights from the analytics software, through new or underutilized existing features. Many marketing departments are relying on these analytics reports to determine the direction of future marketing efforts. Those reports are also useful in showing clients and colleagues demonstrable results.

Since many of Point It’s clients use third-party software like Salesforce.com, Mackie and Snyder will review integration between Google Analytics and CRMs. Analytics can track the behavior of visitors when third party software is linked to a website, but this integration isn’t automatic. Because sales teams really value understanding additional information about their leads, such as which source the lead came from (e.g.email, organic search), the intent of the propect and where they are in the sales cycle. This webinar will explain how teams can provide these same insights within their businesses.

Another topic covered in the webinar will be attribution modeling. Instead of using information on only the last visit from an online lead or buyer, attribution modeling takes into account the performance of all of the ads and searches that eventually lead each customer to a sale or other conversion. A marketer can then determine what combination of marketing efforts is working and how to credit conversions to multiple interactions.

Mackie and Snyder will also cover the new GA Remarketing feature in the webinar. Remarketing is the process of anonymously gathering information on each visitor in order to deliver targeted offers to that prospect via online advertising. In other words, if a visitor views a page on a site that fires a retargeting pixel, when that visitor goes to other sites in the retargeting network, ads will lead the visitor back to the original site to complete the desired action.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool when used correctly. Through “Google Analytics on Steroids – New Features and What You Need to Know,” attendees can learn how to fully harness the power of this valuable marketing tool.”

To register for Google Analytics on Steroids webinar, go to this registration page: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/121824496

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