Web Analytics Reporting Specialist needed

Mini Me, you complete me. By which we mean, “help wanted.”

As Empirical Path has grown our Web Analytics Practice, we’ve realized that we need clones of Jim, Brett and me to more quickly serve clients and respond to new business opportunities. A junior clone of me will be able to find and communicate insights and opportunities for clients from Google Analytics Premium (or Mixpanel or Optimizely) data using Excel (or Google Sheets, Tableau, BigQuery or Klipfolio). In other words, in job-description-ese:

“The Web Analytics Reporting Specialist is responsible for helping our clients understand their audiences, enhance their digital user experience, improve their web marketing and increase their online conversions. The Specialist will assist multiple engagements at all stages, including:

  • Understanding client needs
  • Drafting proposals, timelines, and budgets
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators
  • Developing and interpreting web analytics reports
  • Finding actionable trends and segments
  • Articulating data-driven recommendations
  • Answering ad hoc questions
  • Identifying opportunities to capture additional user behavior data”

Please see the job description for details on qualifications and how to apply (hint: phone calls and the contact form do not allow candidates to include the required cover letter; we gotta know that you care and that you can write).

And look for Jim’s description of a Junior Web Analytics Technical Specialist on these pages.

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