Web Analytics Boosts Power of CRM

We’ve long beat the drum to encourage the best practice among agencies of tracking online and offline marketing campaigns in detail, to prove which channels, creative and ad placements drive conversions. But what if a brand’s sales take place offline, by phone or in person? If your clients are not doing so already, we can bet they are asking how to tie those offline conversions to online marketing. Google’s Analytics 360 has some new ways to answer that.

Integrating Analytics with your CRM

Traditional implementation of the marketing stack results in siloed reporting tools that do not share data with one another:

Analytics & CRM data flow chart


However, by configuring Google Analytics to integrate with a CRM tool, we tie key web analytics data to downstream revenue. The client can choose to report out of Google Analytics, their CRM tool, another database, or any combination of these options. By passing a web analytics user identifier along with a contact form, we can then send web behavioral data to the CRM tool. Or vice-versa, send lead status data back to the web analytics tool server-side.

Google’s recent announcement of the new Salesforce integration for Analytics 360 customers reinforces Google’s commitment to providing more insight into the impact of marketing campaigns. Analytics 360 customers will be able to seamlessly import offline conversions into GA and include them in the attribution modeling. Additionally, they will be able to leverage Analytics 360 segments in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

But even GA Standard can integrate with a CRM tool, with the right implementation.

Analytics & CRM. Real-world Examples

Case in point: we helped a B2B software company better understand the customer journey from marketing campaigns and website through contact forms and lead nurturing all the way to offline purchases. We deployed custom code to pass key identifiers and campaign touch-points for leads through the lead form submission to Salesforce Sales Cloud for reporting. This allowed the company to understand which campaigns were driving the best quality leads and ultimately customers. We also sent CRM traits like industry back to GA, which was used to create focused Google Ads Remarketing Audiences.

Google Analytics & SalesForce Integration
Finally! Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud play nicely together.

Likewise, we recently helped a pharmaceutical company tie leads and offline customer acquisition to online marketing campaigns and behavior.  By integrating Google Analytics with the company’s marketing automation tool, we passed key site actions like downloading co-pay cards from GA to Pardot. We sent visitor attributes from Pardot like lead score, specialty and healthcare organization to GA via the data import API so sales staff could better understand the impact of the website, including specific content that was seen by prescribing physicians.

These wins aren’t limited to just the typical B2B marketing verticals of healthcare and tech; our restaurant client also raved about their GA/CRM integration’s impact on the private party business,

Empirical Path connected all of our metrics together, then very simply and very easily gave us dashboards that enabled us to see – on a pub-by-pub level– what that lead activity was and where it was coming from. On the Salesforce side, they were able to give attribution to the traffic source that somebody was on before they got to us, but it goes well beyond simple last-click attribution. We were able to see if customers or private party prospects had been to Yelp or OpenTable, or seen our email or a link on social media, too. We are able to stitch a very detailed story together, including demographics, about the customer journey that informs every aspect of our marketing spend.

Whether a client prefers to do the reporting in a web analytics tool, CRM, or other reporting tool, viewing the full cycle of lead generation and conversion is invaluable.

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