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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, being linked to comes in a close second.

analysis-exchange-case-studySo we blushed when the Official Blog of the Analysis Exchange — “the world’s only effort to connect nonprofits and web analysts to create free insights for the nonprofit community” — pointed its clients to our Web Analytics Audit and Google Analytics Audit as best practices for ensuring Analysis Exchange projects are focused on the most leveraged web analytics issues:

“A technical audit is a thorough evaluation of your website’s analytics software implementation that allows you to understand what your software may be missing or reporting inaccurately.  It provides you with knowledge of your reporting limitations, and its ultimate goal is to identify issues that need to be addressed to ensure that key visitor behaviors are captured accurately so that your data-driven recommendations are reliable.  By requesting an audit from the mentor and student in your first Analysis Exchange project, the areas of greatest need will be identified, and you can prioritize your subsequent projects according to your requirements, while obtaining ideas for future projects.”

Guest blogger Joan Cole — who worked with our founder Peter Howley on two Exchange projects — detailed some of the findings that audits deliver:

  • “Identification of pages that are not tracked by current, functioning default JavaScript tracking codes or log files
  • Recommendations to improve Content and Audience Segmentation
  • Confirmation that signup and donation paths and confirmations are counted as funnels and conversions for more detailed reporting
  • Assurance that site search keywords and navigation impacts are measured
  • Recommendations for improvements to dashboard layouts, summaries, sharing, and underlying reports
  • Verification that all active marketing efforts are counted as campaigns and includes more detailed reporting by channel, source and creative
  • Confirmation of  integration of search engine marketing (SEM) pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns”
Joan went on to detail how even a condensed version of Empirical Path’s Audit helped one of these non-profit clients:
“… an abbreviated Google Analytics audit on the Agora website, and … an analysis and summary of the tracking enhancements that were needed to improve Agora’s reporting capabilities.  The findings were enlightening: there was no tracking in place for campaigns, non-page events, ecommerce, or social media.  This meant that Agora could not identify which marketing efforts were the most successful, and that their reporting of Direct and Referral traffic was inaccurate. From learning about these reporting issues, [Agora’s COO] was able to make an educated decision about the ultimate goal of her first project.  She decided that campaign tracking issues should take priority on this project.”

This project was a two-fer in that we got to deploy Empirical Path’s most popular services: a fixed-fee Audit plus our new Campaign Tracking solution.  We’re proud to support the Analysis Exchange and to see that our offerings — which we’ve refined over a decade of web analytics consulting to trump our fellow Google Analytics Certified Partners‘ audits — have become benchmarks.

Please contact the Analysis Exchange to become a Mentor, Student or Client.  Or contact Joan to learn about her talk at eMetrics Chicago and work on the Education Committee at the Digital Analytics Association.

Or contact us about tracking your campaigns, auditing your analytics, or helping your non-profit.

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