Video play sheds light on conversions

Online video isn’t just for fun.IQ Workforce Web Analytics Rock Stars

Producing a decent video is never cheap, and whether you flog it in social and paid media or not, you’ll probably present it on your site with tools to encourage viral sharing.  High-end online video players can drown you in stats on plays and pauses, while simple Flash players often offer none.  Either way, like our automaker client, what you want to know is, what difference did it make?

Web analytics consultant Jim Snyder guest posted about tracking the impact of video for the Web Analytics Rock Stars column, published by our staffing partner IQ Workforce:

“While our client was already tracking basic dealer site stats with Google Analytics, it was blind to interactions with video players, sharing tools, and other Flash features not captured by GA ‘out of the box.’ Management demanded to know: Which videos are visitors watching and sharing? Where are videos re-published? Does any of this ring the cash register?

Our recommended solution was the Google Analytics for Flash framework (GaForFlash), which fit the client’s existing GA implementation and is a widely adopted open source platform…

By customizing GaForFlash with ActionScript, we quickly delivered the needed insights into visitor behavior. Empirical Path captured desired viral outcomes, such as emailing a friend and posting to a social networking site, and tracked viewership wherever an embedded video was posted.”

Just as a publisher should know whether their video drives subscriptions and a not-for-profit whether theirs drive donations, this manufacturer needed to connect content consumption and sharing to dealer leads.  Please visit Web Analytics Rock Stars for the whole article.

Or contact us to learn how an Advanced Web Analytics Audit will test how much light your video player is shedding on sales, leads, sign-ups, and sharing.

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