Tech group will get to know Google Tag Manager

A local group of web professionals will be “getting to know Google Tag Manager” Saturday morning, when founder Peter Howley teaches a class on the free tag management tool to the ABQ Web Geeks. Sign up here…

UPDATE: please see slides below or here.

Howley will cover both introductory and in-depth topics during the three-hour session January 9:

  1. Overview (:20)
  2. Tags (:20)
  3. Triggers (:20)
  4. Variables (:20)
  5. GA Tag Options (:30)
  6. Auto-Event Tracking (:20)
  7. DataLayer (:15)
  8. Listeners (:15)
  9. Mobile (:10)
  10. Blacklists & Whitelists (:10)

As background, Empirical Path is one of the inaugural Google Tag Manager Certified Partners. “A Tag Management System (TMS) like Google’s free Tag Manager (GTM) puts marketers in control of marketing technology by easing deployment of analytics and advertising tags. GTM reduces reliance on development resources for websites and apps and speeds up the site by firing only needed tags through Rules or Triggers. Empirical Path’s Peter Howley will train marketers and technOlogists alike to migrate and enhance tags, share key user actions and traits across vendors, and save time and resources.”

ABQ Webgeeks “is dedicated to supporting the growth of web professionals in the broader Albuquerque area. We strive to promote knowledge across all facets of web creation while embracing the open nature of the medium. We are of the community, by the community, and for the community. Please join us as we grow a better Internet and a better Albuquerque.”

Learn about Empirical Path’s other public training sessions and talks to ABQ Week Geeks and the American Advertising Federation.

Or contact us about starting Tag Management or getting more from your current TMS.

UPDATE: please see slides below:

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