Right KPIs help public radio station

Empirical Path is proud to once again hear a client tell the world how we helped them measure and optimize online channels.

In this case, it was public-radio station KDHX’s Steven Ley, who praised our Analysis Exchange project to establish Key Performance Indicators.  These metrics are guiding the station toward its ambitious audience and engagement growth goals as it is “beginning a new internal evaluation and growth project to increase participation and audience over time.” As the Official Blog of the Analysis Exchange reports:

“On September 21, 2011, the National Center for Media Engagement and Integrated Media Association coordinated a webinar entitled “Insights From Metrics: Public Media and Analysis Exchange”.  Thank you to Steve Ley from KDHX in St. Louis…for sharing your Analysis Exchange success stories and how you are using web analytics at your stations.  And Thank you to the National Center for Media Engagement and Integrated Media Association for providing a forum for us to share our story. If you are interested in hearing this webinar, it is recorded and posted on the NCME website here.”

The Analysis Exchange “is an effort designed to provide hands-on training opportunities for aspiring web analytics professionals while providing free web data analysis to the entire nonprofit community. The effort works by connecting organizations, mentors, and student participants.”

Empirical Path’s Peter Howley served as a mentor on this project, with student Joan Cole doing the heavy lifting.  The pair studied the website’s goals and interviewed KDHX’s web team to recommend a manageable set of Key Performance Indicators, pictured here.  As Steven said: “This is a really helpful approach that our team took in educating us about the relationships between the measurements. It further listed the tools that we already know how to use in order to make the changes based on the goals. It really helped to add value to our project.”

Peter and Joan then calculated the current baseline for each metric.  We also highlighted the search terms, content, and traffic sources offering the most leverage on the new KPIs.  In the webinar, Steven concluded: “The Analysis Exchange is really a rare system that provides the kind of value that you might pay thousands of consulting dollars for, and it should definitely be treated that way.”

Peter and Joan are teaming up again on an Exchange project for a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit, and Empirical Path’s Jim Snyder enhanced web analytics for a DC professional association, earning his own praise.

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