Research client podcasts our praises

Our ears were burning last week as a media client broadcast how much our market research consulting helped them.

audience-research-surveyEE Podcast is a web design and development podcast focusing on technical discussions, interviews and insights about ExpressionEngine, EllisLab and the EE community; in other words, its listeners are the perfect audience for Empirical Path.  Hosts Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis hired us to analyze and interpret a survey of the podcast’s listeners, and sweetened the deal by letting us sponsor the site.

Survey research has been one of our key tools for studying audiences since Empirical Path started in 2003, and media and content businesses have been a specialty for just as long.  We often layer in insights from web analytics, email service provider, and advertising systems as well, but in this case, the survey results were more than enough.  From the recent podcast’s transcript:

“LEA ALCANTARA:  But before we dive in, let’s talk about the survey itself.  So we had 173 respondents, which meant we had a lot of data, so rather than just us spending time to analyze the data but really not getting useful information we hired professionals.  It was Empirical Path which is a digital measurement firm that does audience research and web analytics.  If you want to find out more about them, you can visit their website,

EMILY LEWIS:  Yeah, my friend Peter Howley, he works in Empirical Path and put together some fantastic survey analysis for us, a sort of like a side project.  Web and digital marketing analytics are his bread and butter, but he also does analysis for surveys like ours, and after seeing what he put together for us and what sort of action steps we are able to take from the information, I think it’s totally worth it.

LEA ALCANTARA:  I totally agree.  I remember looking at the summary of results that he parsed based on the answers, and there would have been no way…

EMILY LEWIS:  No way.  [Laughs]

LEA ALCANTARA:  … that you or I would have been able to make the conclusions that he did in such clear manner.”

Our founder Peter Howley is a friend of Emily from working together to get feedback from attendees of Webuquerque (now httq), the not-for-profit Adobe User Group she founded for web practitioners.  So he knew she would value some deeper analysis into audience segments:


“EMILY LEWIS:  Right.  So let’s talk about those listeners.  I thought one of the things that Peter did for us that was really interesting, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have considered it.


EMILY LEWIS:  But he sort of grouped our respondents into two groups:  one being heavy listeners, and one being lighter listeners.


EMILY LEWIS:  And he grouped these based upon those who had ranked several episodes versus those who did not.


EMILY LEWIS:  So that the people who ranked many episodes, we could presume that they are more heavy listeners, that they’ve heard more episodes they are able to rate each one versus the people who either didn’t rate episodes or only rated a few amongst all of them.

LEA ALCANTARA:  [Agrees]  And I think that’s a fair assumption to make too.”

Thank you to Emily and Lea for the opportunity to help, and for making immediate use of our findings!

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