Putting the Google Analytics 360 Pieces Together

Google Optimize 360Like many of our readers, we at Empirical Path have been excited to start applying the new tools and integrations now available in Google’s Analytics 360 Suite. Google’s new website testing tool, Optimize 360, currently in beta for Analytics 360 (Premium) customers but soon to become generally available, is one of the potentially more disruptive-in-a-good-way additions to its collection of premium tools. As a provider of advanced analytics consulting to leading publishers such as Business Insider and Gannett, we have been helping our Analytics 360 customers put the new testing platform to work.

Recently, a client of ours and Optimize 360 beta participant documented some of their initial successes. Read how The Motley Fool achieved a 26% lift in website conversion rates using easy-to-deploy A/B tests with Optimize 360 and its Analytics 360 integrations. In the case study, our client underscored how optimization is best supported by web analytics data you can trust:

The ability to use our existing Analytics 360 data in a testing platform was huge for our team. Our server-side event tracking for key metrics like leads and orders is 99% accurate—far better than with other sources.
– Laura Cavanaugh, Data Analytics Manager

There have been good testing and optimization tools out there for some time now. Empirical Path experts have been helping businesses successfully blueprint, execute, and interpret innovative UI experiments using tools like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), and Google Experiments, the precursor to Optimize 360, from the beginning. As more of our clients upgrade from Google Analytics standard to the full-featured Analytics 360 that we resell, the new option to integrate with Optimize 360 and the rest of the 360 Suite is a unique value-added capability.

For instance, integration means Optimize 360 reports are available in the Analytics 360 interface, so team members can see the results of an A/B or multivariate experiment in context with relevant web analytics and without needing access to Optimize 360. It means data analysts can take advantage of the Optimize 360 data in BigQuery as a part of the BigQuery Export for Analytics 360 feature. This relationship allows for more precise programmatic data analysis in BigQuery involving historical as well as currently running Optimize 360 tests and enables types of analyses not possible within the Analytics 360 interface alone. One can, for example, analyze conversion rates for a specific product using Optimize 360 data in BigQuery, but not in the Optimize 360 interface. These are just a few of the many possibilities that become possible with an integrated Analytics 360 Suite license.

One of the great things about working with businesses like The Motley Fool is they understand that real success in marketing measurement owes at least as much to how the tools are implemented as to which are chosen. In our experience, we have seen that the real value of enterprise adoptions comes from a commitment to making the tools work for the business instead of the other way around. This is why Google uses Certified Analytics Partners and Resellers like Empirical Path. Contact us by email or join us on Twitter to let us know what your organization wants to accomplish this year with the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

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