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Case Study: Head Start uses website data to drive marketing communication strategy

Challenge   The Office of Head Start charged its contractor Trans-management Corporation with improving the measurement and impact of website content and applications As schools began to close due to COVID-19, parents and educators clamored for information and advice on the OHS website to support new learning environments Leadership asked the Insights team to better understand […]

The Benefits of Analytics for the Public Sector

With unprecedented change unfolding around us daily, more people than ever are turning to public sector organizations for everything from services to information. This puts increasing pressure on government professionals to gather and use data efficiently for insights about the public’s needs. One area of particular importance in this moment of limited face-to-face contact is […]

Top Tips to Maximize Government Analytics by Expert Consultants

In this challenging time, government agencies are under more pressure than ever to put web and app analytics to work by creating insights that can help their stakeholders. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the biggest challenges in utilizing analytics for the public sector (based on our Federal agency, state university, tourism bureau, and business […]

7 Types of Attribution Models

We’re in a challenging moment for almost every organization, and understanding the impact of every dollar spent has never been more important. Attribution modeling allows marketers to analyze how much credit each marketing channel and customer touchpoint should receive for a given conversion. Over time, this approach enables marketers to optimize their programs toward the […]

Common Attribution Mistakes

In an increasingly multichannel world, it’s essential for marketers to employ attribution modeling to understand how their various marketing channels and customer touchpoints contribute to conversions. However, just 58% of marketers surveyed say they have a working attribution model. Despite all the value attribution modeling can add to your business, it clearly comes with significant […]

The Benefits of Marketing Attribution

It’s never been more important to understand which marketing channels and tactics are driving leads and sales for your business, to be sure every dollar of your marketing spend counts. The value of attribution isn’t really in question: most marketers know that understanding which marketing channels and tactics drive website conversions is fundamental. However, it’s […]

Simple Steps to Realize Savings Through Improved Attribution

We’re in an uncertain moment, and the future contains many unknowns. One thing we do know is that smartly reducing operational costs will be critical for businesses that want to survive and thrive during this difficult period. Through accurate attribution, marketers are able to understand which channels, tactics, and messages drive results and thereby reduce […]

Search and You Will Find

We stumble across this frequently as we’re auditing our clients’ sites — the lone, unclicked Site Search toggle. In Google Analytics, it’s one of the simplest but most oft-forgotten features to enable. Upon configuring, you’ll be able to view the queries performed on your site and the percentage of Sessions where site search has been […]

Using Tag Management to Improve Data Governance and Site Security

Big enterprise websites often have multiple, disparate players managing site data and tag infrastructure, so serving digital marketing and analytics tags is often coordinated through a Tag Management System (TMS) such as Google Tag Manager or Tealium. In some cases, that important duty falls on an outside vendor like an ad agency. Which means that […]

Data Analysis: When to Outsource, When to Insource

Data analysis can be an overlooked, even thankless, task in many organizations. But it’s a complex role that requires specific expertise, and qualified analysts can be hard to find. Every company is organized differently, has a particular set of specialities, and a range of challenges they face everyday. Thankfully, there are specialized data analytics agencies […]

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