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A/B split test improves landing page

We published a new case study on split testing to improve landing page performance.  A/B and multivariate testing is a great way to make web analytics insights clear and actionable.  From the case study: Based on analysis of the Conversion Funnel created in the client’s Google Analytics Profile, Empirical Path observed that a large number […]

Client lands Federal master contract

Congratulations to Empirical Path’s first and most loyal client for bringing their social marketing focus to more Federal agencies.  Noral Group International, Inc. is a research-based public service advertising and social marketing firm that has been awarded a contract to join the U.S. General Services Administration’s Advertising and Integrated Marketing Schedule (AIMS): “As a small, […]

Analytics finding spawns award

Analytics occasionally get to see the light of day! Rarely do Empirical Path’s web analytics findings leak outside of clients’ board rooms: after all, the best organizations use analytics as a competitive advantage and keep insights to themselves.  So we were proud to see that a viral boom that we’ve tracked and analyzed for a […]

L.A. new media talent wanted

“Big role, small company,” a leading recruiter summed up. That’s what Empirical Path is offering: a full-time contract position serving our Beverly Hills new media start-up client.  We’ve advised this client on measuring its community website, professional videos, social media widgets, rich internet applications, and pay-per-click marketing since last year, on a remote basis.  Now […]

Campaign measurement takes more than tags

Tag, you’re not it. Many of our clients that use Google Analytics are implementing our recommendation that they track and measure every online marketing effort.  Sounds obvious, but this can require adding unique campaign tags via query parameters to every link in every email, pay-per-click ad, banner ad, Tweet, Facebook posting, RSS post…you get the […]

Trade ad campaign launches

We just sat down to eat our own dog food. Empirical Path’s first-ever trade advertising campaign launched yesterday, and we’re eagerly digging into our own Google Analytics implementation to ensure that campaign tags, funnels, and goals are working to measure the impact of each creative execution, placement, and landing page on our key success metric, […]

Jim Snyder

Jim Snyder leads our Web Analytics Implementation Practice. A longtime web publishing and Google Analytics expert, Snyder audits, upgrades and customizes digital measurement for clients from Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley. Snyder built his deep experience in web analytics, content, and marketing in production and research roles with, Yale University and Georgia Tech; he […]

Peter Howley

Peter Howley founded Empirical Path in 2002. He is a seasoned consultant and manager who has advised diverse organizations — from household names to startups — in media, finance, retail, not-for-profit and government. Howley developed Empirical Path’s data-driven approach while at Bain & Company and in the MBA Program at Harvard Business School. He has earned Adobe Analytics […]

Empirical Path expands

“Say ‘hello’ to my our little growing company” Empirical Path has spent eight years as my sole proprietorship offering market research, business planning, alliance development, and marketing measurement.  Clients have ranged from Federal agencies and not-for-profits to media and technology firms, both early-stage and market-leading.  Advertising agencies accounted for a good 50% of the business.  […]

Empirical Blog launches

Three years of procrastination have come to an end. Empirical Path is practicing what it preaches and launching Empirical Blog to share news and insights on web analytics, market research, our partners, our clients, and online marketing in general.  We aim to write updates every week or so, as client deadlines and travel permit.

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