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Email measurement goes deeper than click-thru rate

Your house email list is your greatest asset…but how great? The Challenge After sending a periodical newsletter or one-off alert, almost every marketer turns to the open rate and click-through rate stats that email service providers (ESPs) like Constant Contact track.  But most ESPs are blind to what email recipients do after clicking through.  One could […]

Non-profits to maximize web R.O.I.

We’re giving a little back and learning more about our favorite sector: not-for-profits. Peter Howley of Empirical Path will train organizations in “Getting the Most from Your Web Presence” for the United Way of Central New Mexico’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence Tuesday June 8 (update: presentation available here; please contact us with questions or to […]

Video play sheds light on conversions

Online video isn’t just for fun. Producing a decent video is never cheap, and whether you flog it in social and paid media or not, you’ll probably present it on your site with tools to encourage viral sharing.  High-end online video players can drown you in stats on plays and pauses, while simple Flash players […]

Analytics reveal voice of the customer

Turns out you can use quantitative data to understand the qualitative features of a market. Empirical Path published a new case study on using web analytics data as a market research tool to uncover the intents and needs of a not-for-profit client’s current and prospective customers.  Working under the new agency of record for a […]

Client praises our Google Analytics work

So that’s what a “custom variable” does… Last month, Empirical Path and Google Analytics co-presented a webinar laying out the technical aspects of our work for a popular financial news publisher.  This month, that client tells their side of the story, in plain English no less.  Business Insider praises our web analytics work and explains […]

Google Analytics webinar now on YouTube

Our “uhhh”s are now recorded for posterity. Check out the YouTube video of our March 24 webinar with Google Analytics about custom variables and how we deployed this advanced technique to enhance Business Insider’s metrics: Our section begins at 30:00 and doesn’t suffer as much from the sound quality issues that commenters pointed out.  […]

IQ Workforce interviews Peter Howley

I think I just had my fifteen minutes of fame. On Wednesday, Jim and I co-presented to 500 people on a webinar with the Google Analytics Product Team, the first Google Analytics Authorized Consultant to do so (more on that when the YouTube video is out).  Later that day, web and marketing analytics job placement […]

Web Analytics Audit

We audit web analytics implementations — for a flat fee — to validate that key visitor behaviors are captured accurately and reported clearly. Data-driven recommendations won’t help your organization if decision-makers don’t trust the analytics, and no tool tracks everything out-of-the-box, so we recommend fixes and enhancements to ensure robust numbers.

Campaign Tracking

We track ads and other campaigns in detail by delivering customized processes, tools, training and reports to clients. Campaign Tracking tells marketers which channels, placements and messages best drive and assist visitation and conversion. You can finally compare email, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate, display and offline efforts.

Empirical Path to co-present webinar with Google

We’re excited to join Google on their monthly Google Analytics webinar presenting a case study on our work with Business Insider. During the webinar, we’ll show how we segmented the audiences of and vastly improved web analytics reporting on Business Insider’s seven highly trafficked content verticals using multiple custom variables in Google Analytics.  As the […]

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