Our LLC turns two

So far, the concept of “the Terrible Twos” doesn’t apply to this two-year-old…Empirical Path LLC.

web analytics consulting|2nd birthday cupcakeOn January 21, 2010 Empirical Path changed its legal structure from a sole proprietorship to a Limited Liability Company to enable a geographic and leadership expansion, and we have never looked back.  What started in 2003 as a market research consultancy in Washington, DC has grown and focused in the ensuing decade to become a team of experts in marketing measurement with offices, clients, and partners around the country and the world.

We’ve achieved more in the past two years than the previous seven thanks to the addition of Jim Snyder to lead our web analytics practice.  Jim cemented a partnership with Google Analytics that has introduced us to thought leaders and clients and kept us on the cutting edge of the digital measurement field.  He also gave us boots on the ground in Atlanta and the larger Southeast, an area with great marketing organizations and steady growth, in addition to our Washington, DC and New Mexico offices.

Since becoming an LLC, Empirical Path has also:

Our plans for the next two years?  Continue to expand our talent and our client base, while staying true to our mission:

“Empirical Path offers specific, actionable recommendations on measuring and maximizing markets and marketing from experienced, objective experts, using the best tools, tailored to organizations that do more than just sell online.”

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