Ocean of social media boiled down

Brands might “have to be in social media”…but not in every single outlet or on every single day.

social media measurement processWe just published a case study of how we helped a university measure the impact of its investment of staff time in social media.  While social media monitoring tools like Radian6, Sysomos, and (in this case) Scout Labs tell brands where they are mentioned, we opened our client’s eyes to the downstream impact of Tweets, posts, and comments: website visits and engagement with the university:

“A top research university engaged in social media on a smattering of platforms, but wanted to better understand the impact on its marketing goals before investing more resources.  The Communications Department subscribed to Scout Labs to monitor mentions and sentiment about its brands and campaigns, but wasn’t fully leveraging the software.  The university also deployed Google Analytics on its sites, but had no way to distinguish social media from other traffic sources, much less to distinguish the impact of staff social media outreach from that of naturally occurring social media activity.

Empirical Path tied Scout Labs’ measurement of social media at the top of the consideration funnel – mentions and sentiment – to Google Analytics’ measurement further down the funnel – visits, content consumption, and contacts.”

Click here to see how we help this not-for-profit understand which social media channels and topics are delivering more than just mentions and buzz…and which are worth assigning even more staff time.

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