New York analytics pros meet up

How many digital measurement pros can fit in a phone booth?  We don’t know, but 44 squeezed into a private room for Web Analytics Wednesday in New York December 1.

web analytics wednesday new yorkThank you to everyone who heard about the event via, Web Analytics Demystified, Linkedin, and Facebook. Across all of these RSVP platforms, we had over 90 people interested, scary for us as the sponsor buying drinks but fantastic for us as we hire and seek new clients and agency partners.

Also, a huge thank you to host Melaine Fuentes for making it all happen.

Four questions came up again and again in conversations:

  1. Who the heck are you guys, you’re not in New York? We’re a “pure-play” web analytics consultancy (i.e., we don’t do search or design or development).  We have offices in Washington, DC; New Mexico, and Atlanta and clients in New York, the Bay Area, and elsewhere.  Please see our blog post on the geographic and industry diversity among our clients.
  2. So, what are you doing in New York? We were in town to speak about how to “Measure Digital to Ignite Results, not Reports” at Business Insider Ignition: Future of Media.  Please see our blog post on this conference hosted by our long-time client.
  3. Can you tell me more about the Analysis Exchange? It is a great, free program to mentor web analytics talent and help not-for-profits.  Please see our blog post on our experiences with the Exchange.
  4. What’s going on with Google Analytics? A lot: Real-time, New Version, Premium, Flow reports!  As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we’re seeing sneak previews of even more features coming down the pike.  Please see our blog post on one new Google Analytics feature and subscribe to read about other new ones as they are announced.

It was great to meet more of the New York web analytics community, so we’ll sponsor another Wednesday — in a bigger room — next time we’re in town.

Meanwhile, contact us for more information on our job openings and our services.

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