Metrics key to integrated marketing

No one wants dis-integrated marketing, so we were happy to help an agency partner make the case for integrated marketing at an event last August. integrated marketing analytics

Longtime agency partner McKee Wallwork & Company put on a two-day Integrated Marketing Symposium for its client The Dwyer Group, the parent company for seven service-based franchise companies, including Franchise Times Magazine “Top 200” awardee, Mr. Rooter. The agency’s “Stalled, Stuck or Stale” blog explains integrated marketing:

“…the best way to develop and foster an ongoing relationship with a customer is through a seamless experience with the brand. Integrating tactics across the Four Ps and ensuring each stage of the customer life cycle is addressed are crucial to a brand’s success. Integration is possible – but not always easy to execute – because it requires consistency, continuity, perseverance and patience across the entire organization.”

Consistency and perseverance are also critical to measuring marketing, so our presentation detailed a number of best practices for counting conversions, segmenting audiences, and sharing insights.

We updated that last section to emphasize how web analytics data can play nice with data from other marketing systems to aid integration, showcasing how to auto-update spreadsheets via the Google Analytics API and visualize conversion rates via Tableau.

During our talk, an artist from Ink Factory created a real-time visualization of key themes, shown at right. The old-fashioned PowerPoint visualization is below and at SlideShare:

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