Meet our New Account Manager, Nedie Recel

At Empirical Path, we’re always on the lookout for outstanding talent. Occasionally, we’ll find a gem like Nedie Recel, Empirical Path’s new Account Manager. Nedie joined us in March of 2016 to ensure our clients get consistent, professional results from our engagements and to help us manage a growing customer list. She provides expert analytics consulting especially around advanced segmentation and marketing platform considerations.

If you have already had the privilege of working with her, you know she fits our hiring preference for multi-talented MBAs. Everyone here wears several hats, and we run the firm more like a partnership than a company. So, in her “spare time,” Nedie stays busy with analytics consulting, Business Development, and generally improving agency operations.

Before hiring Nedie, we were all pretty confident in our level of organization and professionalism. She has raised the bar for us in terms of efficiency and staying on top of it all.

– Peter Howley


Nedie Recel, Analytics Consultant at Empirical Path (Norfolk VA)
Nedie Recel, Analytics Account Director at Empirical Path.

Nedie brings with her a wealth of experience and credentials, having served in several industries as Director in both Marketing and Analytics roles. She has led multi-disciplinary technical marketing initiatives involving PPC, SEO, email, and demand generation channels. Her experience in hospitality & travel, real estate, finance, and media as well as running her own consultancy has resulted in a well-rounded portfolio of success which has enriched our customers’ lives and continues to inspire us.

Building on a solid MBA and Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech, Nedie has continued to develop her web analytics and technical marketing skills with certifications and coursework including Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Pragmatic Marketing Courses, and coding classes. She loves sharing her knowledge with others and enjoys introducing people at all levels to new tools, skills, and literacies in technical marketing. As part of our internal culture and knowledge-sharing here at Empirical Path, we take turns delivering internal trainings on our different areas of expertise. Nedie not only brings useful knowledge to our team but clearly has a real ability and passion for sharing it with others. Look for her at our next Web Analytics Wednesday or public training event in your town.

The greatest part of working in marketing analytics for a focused agency like Empirical Path is I get to apply my strategic and technical marketing experience to the job 100%. Also, there isn’t any standing still or relying on yesterday’s accomplishments or ways of doing things. It’s an always-evolving discipline that requires constant learning and development.

– Nedie Recel

Giving Back

Beyond credentials, technical ability, and a passion for analytics, only human beings need apply at Empirical Path. Nedie has volunteered with her local Web Analytics Exchange for nonprofits. She lends a hand with local children’s and homelessness causes and inspires tomorrow’s technical marketers by speaking at school career days. Nedie resides in Chesapeake, VA with her husband and daughters.

Reach out to Nedie today to learn more about what’s involved with an Empirical Path analytics consultation.

Bonus. On her Twitter bio (@nedierecel), Nedie explains she has a “hard to pronounce name.” Pro tip: it’s pronounced “Ned-ee Ruh-sell”.


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