Meet Jay Patel, Analytics Account Manager at Empirical Path

It has been another busy year for Empirical Path, but we can’t say we’ve been as busy as our new Account Manager, Jay Patel.  Somehow, in the middle of getting his second Master’s Degree, he decided it would make sense to move to Austin TX, take on a challenging new role with us, and welcome his first child into the world.

Peter Howley, Principal at Empirical Path (Albuquerque)

“Empirical Path is excited to have Jay on board. Someone who ‘hits to all fields’ is hard to find these days but is exactly what clients need in an Engagement Lead. Jay has a strong background on both sides of the ‘data in’ and ‘data out’ equation.”
-Peter Howley

Jay actually started with us in late 2016 having come from Benefit Cosmetics a division of Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton (LVMH), where he held a lead analyst role managing both Adobe and Analytics 360 platforms across an impressive portfolio of ecommerce websites.  Wearing all the hats in that position prepared him well for his Account Manager role here.

Having settled in with the agency at this point, Jay points to Empirical Path’s culture of ownership, focus on analytics, and the general work ethic as internal aspects he enjoys.  “Everyone’s an adult here and takes a high degree of responsibility for their projects.  At the same time everyone’s willing to pitch in and contribute, which is just great,” he says.

Jay definitely contributes to our knowledge pool, providing niche perspective on complex ecommerce questions as resident subject matter expert.  Before Benefit Cosmetics, his background includes ecommerce and media-buying engagements with well-known brands like Kellogg, Hines, OfficeMax, Victoria’s Secret, and Lane Bryant, among others.

We find Jay’s background impressive, especially given the fact he is something of an accidental analyst.  Like for many of us in this field, Jay didn’t exactly plan on being an Analytics Account Manager when he was growing up.  During the last economic downturn, he took an opportunity in digital marketing with an agency when the jobs started drying up.  He discovered he had the skills and the passion and never looked back.  Since then, he’s rounded out his Business degree from Michigan State with an MBA from Walsh and is currently working through a degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern.

Jay Patel, Analytics Consultant at Empirical Path (Atlanta)

“It’s great to work with really amazing clients and colleagues here, where we are encouraged to identify the real problems before we solve them.  It’s very satisfying as an analyst to care for clients versus merely engaging them.” – Jay Patel

In his spare time (really?), he manages to get a break from work and studies by exploring Austin with his young family. As head chef in the Patel home, he enjoys expanding his culinary horizons by heading out to Austin’s diverse dining scene and bringing home new recipes to try.

Say “hi” to Jay next time you see him at SXSW or your favorite Digital Summit.  Just make sure you have a really interesting ecommerce analytics question queued up for him.

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