Meet Elizabeth Brady, Analytics Account Director at Empirical Path

Elizabeth started working with Empirical Path in the Fall of 2017, bringing with her a best-of-both-worlds background in enterprise technology and agency analytics experience running her own successful consultancy.

Educated in International Business

Like many of the best in our industry, Elizabeth found her way into analytics later after a formal education in more traditional fields. Elizabeth studied Foreign Affairs at University of Virginia and got her Master’s in International Relations & Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Elizabeth Brady, Analytics Account Director at Empirical Path
Elizabeth Brady is an Analytics Account Director at Empirical Path

Not everyone who is drawn to web analytics is as comfortable and competent as Elizabeth is listening intently to client problems and understanding the organizational context surrounding technical issues. She attributes many of these problem-solving and story-telling skills to her liberal arts education and early successes in international business.

Discovering Analytics at

In her early roles with global development and expansion efforts at, Elizabeth noticed analytics supplying more of the insights and valuable guidance relied on for business decisions. She was hooked and started pursuing mastery of enterprise analytics tools. Her appreciation for data-driven business quickly turned into several analytics roles at

Her experience in enterprise analytics not only gave her exposure to a wide variety of premium tools, larger datasets, and unique analytical challenges, it supplied the knowledge and confidence for communicating across different teams and tiers at larger, complex organizations. Looking back on her enterprise years, Elizabeth credits early career experience with helping her get beyond mere data reporting to helping teams see and understand the bigger stories hiding behind the numbers.

Independent Analytics Consulting

Later, after launching her own independent analytics consultancy, she gained an appreciation for life on the agency side of things. As more of a self-described generalist, Elizabeth enjoyed participating directly in the many aspects of running her own business. And, the immediacy of direct client relationships taught her much about how analytics contributes tangibly to the success of businesses both large and small.

Analytics is People More Than Tools

Elizabeth’s well-rounded background is the type of deep and diverse experience we look for in our Account Directors at Empirical Path. If you’ve had the opportunity to work with her, you’ve experienced first hand her ability to not only see and understand the larger picture but to calmly and clearly translate messy or vague business requirements into solid technical solutions.

Q & A with Analytics Account Director Elizabeth Brady

We asked Elizabeth to tell us a little more about herself and her thoughts on working for Empirical Path:

Q: Where are you based? 
A: I live in the Boston area with my husband and two teenagers.

Q: Any favorite sports or hobbies?   
A: Yoga & skiing.

Q: What do you consider your analytics super powers?
A: My strengths tend to be on the strategic implementation side, working with complex migrations or upgrades. In terms of tools, I do a lot of work with Tag Management, especially with Google Tag Manager but other tools as well.

Q: How do you stay sharp and up-to-date on analytics tools and industry trends?
A: This was always a challenge as an independent consultant. Because Empirical Path is a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, we all get the advance presentations from them, which is a real advantage. Also, having a larger team at Empirical Path means we share a lot of expertise and updates from our respective areas. These days, there are lots of great resources out there for keeping up with the industry itself, particularly the #measure channel on Slack, Twitter and LinkedIn, and the Digital Analytics Association (DAA).

Q: In your experience working with so many well known brands, what would you say are the most common obstacles hindering organizations from really evolving in analytics?
A: There are definitely patterns. I would echo what a lot of people say about how important people and processes are to effective marketing measurement and analytics. In particular, it seems rare to find organizations communicating a complete vision for what’s possible with analytics. The tools and talent might be in place, but we find the roadmap to measurement maturity is vague or lacking.

Q: What advice do you give to those wanting to break into the analytics field?
A: Do whatever it takes to get your hands dirty in the tools. Start with the free tools on your own website and marketing and then take any opportunity to gain exposure to larger datasets and premium tools. There are certainly educational programs out there, but most of the best learning you’ll do yourself.

Q: What do you enjoy most here at Empirical Path?
A: Not just a great bunch of people, but a mature and diverse team of real experts in different aspects of analytics. Everyone’s really willing to share knowledge and lend a hand on projects. Peter & Jim have made knowledge exchange a real priority here, which is great.

Q: What surprises you the most about working here?
A: There’s much more professional rigor here than I expected when it comes to our documentation, training, and communications. Peter & Jim employ a good mix of business know-how and processes from their enterprise backgrounds without the overkill you find in some organizations.

Q: What would you tell someone considering a role at Empirical Path?
A: It’s a great chance to work with a group of experienced, senior consultants who are just doing what they love the most. It’s a sophisticated and mature team with a no-nonsense approach.

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