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Legal aid programs have a tough balancing act, helping very low income clients, recruiting pro bono attorneys, and reporting their successes to backers; we like to think robust web analytics can help.

To that end, Peter Howley spoke to not-for-profits at the federal Legal Services Corporation’s Technology Initiative Grants conference last week.  In a talk entitled “Google Analytics: Measure Digital to Ignite Results, not Reports,” Howley showed how legal aid programs, like other nonprofits and most for-profits, can get more from web analytics tools by:

  • Counting Conversions
  • Segmenting Audiences
  • Testing Ideas
  • Sharing Insights
See the presentation slides here:

The audience helped customize the presentation for legal aid programs by asking some tough questions; for example:

  • Are Multi-channel Funnel Reports affected by users who log in from public terminals? (Yes, along with new vs. returning stats).
  • Can we measure goals like donations that occur on partner or vendor websites? (Yes, via cross-domain tracking).
  • How do we automatically download website traffic data to spreadsheets for analysis there? (Easily, via plug-ins like Excellent Analytics).
  • Are there affordable ways to get help with web analytics? (Yes, via the Analysis Exchange and Google for Nonprofits Marketplace).
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