L.A. new media talent wanted

“Big role, small company,” a leading recruiter summed up.

That’s what Empirical Path is offering: a full-time contract position serving our Beverly Hills new media start-up client.  We’ve advised this client on measuring its community website, professional videos, social media widgets, rich internet applications, and pay-per-click marketing since last year, on a remote basis.  Now they want more: an on-site Empirical Path consultant to effectively act as Director of Marketing for at least 12 months.

Typically, we focus just on measuring markets and marketing and don’t design and execute campaigns; that way, we can stay objective when evaluating what works.  To maintain that perspective, in this case, Jim Snyder will remain in the analytics role, providing weekly insights to the client CEO and managing our Director of Marketing based in large part on the numbers.

Despite this seeming scrutiny, this is a great role for someone, in the client’s words, who reminds them of Jim and me: data-driven, clear, concise, and experienced in new media.  Like Empirical Path’s principals, our new colleague will be paid on a contract basis.  But the opportunity is greater than just 12 months: success in the role will open the door to join Empirical Path’s consulting staff permanently.

Please see the job description for details and how to apply.

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