Klipfolio lets us mass customize dashboards

klipfolio registered partner dashboardOur dashboard software partner Klipfolio published a detailed “how-to” article by Empirical Path Data Analyst Justin Marciszewski based on a recent client success, “Personalizing a Dashboard for 200 Users.” Justin writes:

“We work with a well-known publisher of consumer content which manages a network of 200 affiliated content providers. These affiliated contributors submit articles and videos for publication on our client’s mobile apps and website. Over the course of 2015 content providers were asking our client a simple question: how is our content doing? While answering this question on a case by case basis would be straightforward, providing feedback to 200 affiliated content providers would not, and our client wanted to provide real-time feedback, so content could be improved in real time.

They asked us for help.

With access to a large data set containing all the information the content affiliates were requesting, our task was to build real-time dashboards that could be used to surface localized KPIs to specific content providers.”

Empirical Path leveraged Google Analytics data captured using Google Tag Manager on this publisher’s website and apps, then delivered a distributed dashboard for the  client and its network of third ­party contributors.

We’re proud to have been selected as a Klipfolio Partner in 2014, giving us discounted pricing for our clients and access to higher-tier phone and email support. We take the administration of users and seats off of our client’s plates, and pass on best practices from dedicated partner training and the Klipfolio partner community. Klipfolio’s key features include:

  • Flexible data imports ranging from analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Marketo all the way to flat files from FTP servers, emailed attachments and REST API’s
  • Interactive user interface, values visible upon highlight and user inputs like date range and dimension filtering
  • Web-based dashboard, easily accessible from your desktop, mobile device or on a large display in the office
  • Automatic emails with ’snapshots’ of your dashboard on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Scalable and easily modified to create focused views for specific teams and individual stakeholders

Learn more about our Dashboard Creation services and Klipfolio’s capabilities. Or read a case study of a retail client’s Klipfolio dashboards.

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