IQ Workforce interviews Peter Howley

I think I just had my fifteen minutes of fame.

On Wednesday, Jim and I co-presented to 500 people on a webinar with the Google Analytics Product Team, the first Google Analytics Authorized Consultant to do so (more on that when the YouTube video is out).  Later that day, web and marketing analytics job placement leader IQ Workforce interviewed me for their Web Analytics Rock Stars column, which went out in their essential IQ Blast newsletter.

IQ Workforce IQ BlastFounder Corry Prohens inquired about our decision to join forces, how market research fits with web analytics, our expertise in media businesses, our partnerships with agencies, and how we market Empirical Path.  My attempts at jokes (links mine):

Q: Peter, both you and Jim Snyder had successful careers as independent consultants. What made you decide to join together in Empirical Path? A: …we share quant skills, media and not-for-profit backgrounds, and a suburban DC heritage, if watching the Barry administrations counts as a heritage.”

Q: I know that you and Jim have a lot of experience with media/content/ad-supported sites. Do you plan to make this a focus area for Empirical Path? A: …plus, these organizations are sometimes almost “green field” sites, with few legacy systems or approaches to overcome. Of course, that means that we often have to sell the value of measurement into the organization, but that’s one sales pitch we’re happy to make!”

A media client of ours actually initiated an award for its content providers based on our analysis of popularity and viral infectiousness. We are strict about disclosing even clients’ identities, not just their practices and metrics, so it is nice to have something to point out to our mothers.”

Q: Many analytics consultancies view interactive agencies as competitors. It seems like you have taken a different approach. Can you describe your thought process and approach to collaborating with traditional and interactive agencies? A: Since a traditional agency was Empirical Path’s first-ever client, it was less thought than good fortune.”

Hence, the career in research and not comedy.  Thank you, Corry and Brian for the opportunity to talk about what we do to the larger community of practitioners.

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