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Certified Google Cloud Platform Partner
Analytics teams are moving beyond silos, API limits, and spreadsheets to collect, join, and explore large datasets. Today’s data-driven marketers need to address complex questions and harvest insights around multi-channel attribution, real-time marketing, and microsegmentation. Innovative new products, such as the Google Analytics 360 Suite, signal a growing number of customers venturing into the deep end of the big data swimming pool.

Against this background Empirical Path announces several new big analytics data services focused on marketing measurement. Wherever an organization finds itself along the path to big web analytics adoption, our new strategy, engineering, training, analysis, and visualization services will provide the sure footing and long-term guidance necessary for successful application. We provide a range of offerings to suit your situation, from training and custom code cookbooks to advanced consulting on challenges like predictive modeling.

For years, Empirical Path consultants have been employing big data solutions to help top enterprise customers solve marketing measurement challenges. As an agency, we have enjoyed an insider view on the rapid evolution of the industry toward big analytics. Since becoming a certified Google Cloud Platform Partner in 2013, we have fielded increasingly complex requests from customers wanting to expand the scope of measurement, develop more competitive insights, and visualize complex patterns across multiple data sources. Many of our clients use Google Cloud Partner (GCP) technOlogies, primarily BigQuery, to extend the value of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. Our competencies include additional enterprise tools such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud SQL.

See our client list for a detailed history of successful engagements with large media, health, financial, government, E-commerce, and tech clients. Whether you are wondering how to get started with BigQuery, or if your in-house team is feeling stretched and could benefit from our experience, contact us today to talk with one of our experts.

Meet our Big Data Consulting Lead
Justin Marciszewski is an accomplished Data Analyst and Engineer who employs a wide technical toolset in helping decision makers extract and visualize valuable insights from business data. His specialties include data mining & statistical analysis (R, Python, BigQuery), data warehousing (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, SQL), data visualization (R, RShiny, Data Studio 360, Tableau, Klipfolio, Cyfe), and A/B testing (Google Optimize 360, Visual Website Optimizer, and Optimizely). As Founder & Principal Data Analyst at Harbor Island Analytics, he helped e-commerce operators more profitably leverage behavioral data. He earlier co-founded Sweetmetrics, an e-commerce consulting firm which focused on optimizing email and PPC marketing activities through analytics. Justin earned his B.S. of Finance and Mathematics from University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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