HTTQ hosts “Track, Report & Optimize” talk

web analytics presentationsUPDATE: please see the slides here; HTTQ is now ABQ Web Geeks.

Empirical Path founder Peter Howley will deliver a talk on how to “Track, Report & Optimize Your Web Creations” to HTTQ on May 1 at O’Niell’s Pub, in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill. Howley admits to being one of the “green-eyeshade-wearing bean-counters” in the summary below:

“You create a cool web experience using cutting-edge tools and techniques.  Then some green-eyeshade-wearing bean-counter — who admittedly paid for it — inevitably wants to know if anyone’s using your site/app/feature, and how it can do more for his bottom line.  That’s where web analytics and conversion optimization come in.  Peter Howley from the ABQ office of Google Analytics Certified Partner Empirical Path will present techniques to track visitor interactions with rich user experiences that don’t follow the traditional URL-to-URL path. He’ll review how to roll up, segment, and deliver that tracking as reports that a marketer and accountant can understand.  And he’ll show techniques to get more widgets/signups/donations/shares from key pages on sites and apps via split testing.”

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HTTQ “is dedicated to supporting the growth of web professionals in the broader Albuquerque area.We strive to promote knowledge across all facets of web creation while embracing the open nature of the medium.” Get more details at the HTTQ site.

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