Google publishes our case study

Maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch…

We teamed with our Partner Google Analytics to jointly publish a case study, “A switch from Coremetrics to Google Analytics removes measurement blindspots, increases actionable insights and drives revenue.”  Only three other Google Analytics Certified Partners in North America have received this honor, and we were also chosen as the first GACP to co-present a webinar with Google.

The two-pager recaps an engagement in which Empirical Path reduced our client’s total digital measurement costs while enhancing its web analytics capabilities.  How?  By replacing a premium web analytics tool with a combination of the free Google Analytics and professional customization and reporting services. Read on…

Our entertainment client’s goals were typical of media and commerce businesses:

Our approach combined out-of-the-box Google Analytics features with advanced customizations:

  • E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics to properly attribute revenue
  • Google Analytics integration with Adobe Flash™ and AIR™ applications to track video engagement
  • Campaign tagging to measure all online marketing campaigns
  • The Location & Mobile reports to measure the relationship between online & offline activities”

In this client’s case, the savings from giving up a subscription tool more than offset the investment with Empirical Path to track what mattered:

  • “ASB was able to track the success of its Adobe AIR application – BlackBox – which went on to win an innovation award for 1 million downloads
  • Single report to determine the depth of user engagement with the videos
  • Clear measurement of the impact of online marketing efforts on ticket sales”

Empirical Path has been selected as a partner by the two leading free web analytics solutions, and we have deep experience with premium products as well.  Either model can work for an organization depending on its needs.

Please read more about our work for media and entertainment clients, and contact us to learn more about which mix of analytics resources is right for you.

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