Google Optimize 360 Partnership Sharpens Our A/B Testing Offerings

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Turn your web analytics into action with Google Optimize 360, part of the Analytics 360 Suite.

Empirical Path is proud to expand on our long-time partnership with Google by becoming a Sales Partner of Optimize 360, the enterprise-level website testing and personalization tool.  Google’s Optimize 360 leverages Google Analytics Audiences and other integrations for easy and effective control over advanced testing programs.  Best of all, Optimize 360 offers an intuitive pricing model that makes predicting costs much easier than competitor tools.

Optimize offers both free and enterprise (360) solutions to help marketers test and deliver optimal site experiences to customers. As a Certified Sales and Services Partner, Empirical Path sells Google Analytics 360 Suite products like Optimize 360 in addition to providing expert consulting and support.

As we wrote in 2016, our client The Motley Fool was in the Optimize 360 Beta and continues to enjoy the product, which replaced a homegrown solution. The Motley Fool achieved a 26% lift in website conversion rates using easy-to-deploy A/B tests with Optimize 360 and its Analytics 360 integrations. The Motley Fool even leverages Optimize’s server-side testing capabilities to meet unique testing requirements.

“Optimize 360 has given our team the power to implement tests across our entire site. We have reduced the amount of time it takes to launch a test from a few days to a few minutes.”
Erryn Neckel – Director, Marketing Operations, The Motley Fool

We help more than a dozen Google Analytics 360 and Google Tag Manager 360 clients benefit from premium-only features like BigQuery and DoubleClick integrations, unsampled data, more Custom Dimensions, Query-time Data Imports and Data-driven Attribution Modeling.

With Optimize 360, tighter integration with other Google tools remains a key benefit of the premium edition. Much as Google Analytics Audiences can be exported to AdWords in any edition and can be pushed into DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP), DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) and DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) using Google Analytics 360 edition, audiences can now also be shared with Optimize 360.  This enables fine-grained control over which specific users are exposed to tests. These audiences can be defined by any almost any standard or Custom Dimension or user action tracked by GA.

But, you don’t have to worry about limiting the exposed audience in order to reduce costs, as with competitors that charge for each exposed visitor. Optimize 360 has more stable costs based on Hits in the linked GA Property. So test away!

Even with the free tier of Optimize, standard integrations with GTM and AdWords offer unique targeting capabilities in addition to the usual.  And in both tiers, Optimize can, well, optimize against multiple GA Goals, and flow experiment data straight into GA reports.  Even better, it does this without using up any of your Custom Dimension slots.  By comparison, Optimize 360 data also flows to BigQuery along with unsampled GA360 data when that option is selected.

The free version is capped at only three simultaneous experiments and has limited multivariate testing but has no ceiling on users included in experiments. We recommend starting with the free tier for as long a trial as you want.  Then, when your testing cadence and requirements demand, upgrade to Optimize 360 with a Sales Partner. Our client HostPapa used the free tier’s Redirect testing feature to prove that an Angular revamp of its web hosting forms would lift conversion rates.

When you’re ready for Optimize 360, choosing Empirical Path as a Sales Partner means you get:

  • Help with flicker-free implementation
  • Experienced advice on where to test
  • Ideas from high-performing benchmarks on your site
  • Objective and Target definition
  • Experiment management
  • Reports on results within key segments

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