Google features our split test

Angry Birds make for a happy split testing client (and happy software partner).

Once again, we teamed with our Partner Google Analytics to jointly publish a case study, “Kapitall uses Content Experiments to drive a 44% conversion increase.” The two-pager recaps Empirical Path’s success tracking usage of our financial services client’s game-like user experience and optimizing its key landing page.  How?  By deploying Event tracking in Google Analytics and A/B testing entry pages with Google’s new Content Experiments.

We’re proud to deepen our Google Analytics Certified Partner relationship, which has grown — since we were chosen as the first GACP to co-present a webinar with Google — to include Google Tag Manager certification and a joint case study on video measurement.

And we’re proud to jump on the Angry Birds bandwagon by proving that the video game’s theme was the biggest driver of conversion, besting Mario, Space Invaders and Pac-Man themes. Read on…


Our New York client’s goals were typical of service sector businesses:

  • “Identify an effective alternative landing page
  • Increase conversions”

Our approach combined out-of-the-box Google Analytics features with advanced customization:

  • “Used Google Analytics’ Event Tracking to create a relevant testing pool
  • Designed Content Experiments in Google Analytics to execute split testing

In this client’s case, the results were clear-cut:

  • “Discovered the best landing page variation
  • New version proved 44 percent more effective than original landing page”

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