Google chooses us again…for Nonprofits

“Don’t Be Evil” is easy to say, but Google backs it up.

The search (and analytics) giant is expanding its Google for Nonprofits effort with the addition of the Google for Nonprofits Marketplace and other benefits.  Empirical Path is proud to have been selected as one of Google’s inaugural partners for today’s launch.  Google’s take:

“Over time, we’ve learned that many nonprofits require hands-on assistance to optimize the use of Google tools. So we’re also introducing the Google for Nonprofits Marketplace, which connects nonprofits with professional service providers who have agreed to offer their services for a free or discounted rate. These firms are already certified partners from existing Google marketplaces—like AdWords Authorized Resellers, Analytics Certified Partners, Google Apps Marketplace and the Google Earth Outreach Developer Marketplace.”

Empirical Path is already working closely with Google Analytics and has deep experience serving not-for-profit organizations from universities to Federal agencies.  We just blogged about our participation in the Analysis Exchange, which enables pro bono consulting projects for not-for-profits while training students in the art and science of web analytics.  Now there is another way for web managers in this important sector to optimize development and communications efforts using cutting-edge, free digital measurement tools.

As we’ve argued in talks before the United Way and International Downtown Association, just because an organization lacks the profit motive, doesn’t mean that web marketing approaches from the commercial sector aren’t relevant.  We specialize in understanding not-for-profit clients’ website goals, even — and especially — when they go beyond filling online shopping carts.  Digital measurement expertise can help maximize visibility, education, advocacy, voluntarism, and donations.

Please contact us about the Google for Nonprofits Marketplace or apply now.

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