Google Analytics training coming to Atlanta

The Problem:google analytics training

Google Analytics & Tag Manager are complex and always changing, but Google’s online courses and documentation lack detail and clarity with no one to answer questions.

The Solution:

Come to our Google Analytics & Tag Manager courses October 13-14, live in Atlanta! You’ll learn new features and best practices from our experts and your fellow practitioners, all explained in an easy-to-understand way. Please see below or click here for pricing and discount information.

Who Should Attend:

  • Marketing Managers who need to report on how different marketing channels contribute to success
  • Business owners looking to understand how their website and online advertising contribute to their bottom line
  • Developers and webmasters charged with adding, changing and removing code from third-party vendors
  • Teams who need shared, reliable to data to drive decisions (group rates are available)

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What You’ll Learn:

You’ll leave with reporting and implementation skills and ideas to put into action: how to calculate ROI from PPC & other marketing; how to focus on the most valuable audiences; how to track key users and their actions; how to maximize revenue & conversions.

Your Instructors:

Empirical Path co-founder Jim Snyder will lead the training, and our consultants will teach their areas of expertise. We’ve become experts in GA and GTM thanks to our many years delivering analytics consulting and partnering with Google. We’ve helped websites and apps in almost every industry, so we can help you get the most out of GA and GTM.

Class Details:

Each half-day course combines presentations with live examples and exercises so you and your team will leave with reporting and implementation skills and ideas to put into action the next day. Any of the following courses can be combined as you need:

Google Analytics 101 Basic Product Training:

  • understand dimensions, metrics and other essential terminology
  • navigate the new GA interface to find what you need faster
  • drill down to the most valuable segment using 6 different features
  • focus the conversation by defining Key Performance Indicators
  • summarize data with Dashboards, Shortcuts and Intelligence
  • choose the right Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion reports
  • clarify reports using controls like data views  and chart options

Google Analytics 201 Advanced Analysis Training:

  • create advanced Segments for analysis and remarketing
  • focus analysis using Custom Dimensions
  • customize reports with up to 5 dimensions
  • tag Campaigns and integrate AdWords to assess marketing
  • look across sessions with Multi-channel Funnels and Attribution Models
  • clarify reports using controls like pivot tables and secondary dimensions
  • collaborate and share with colleagues to create a data-driven culture
  • automatically import data via the API to spreadsheets, Klipfolio, Tableau and BigQuery

Google Analytics 301 Technical Training:

  • implement, customize and troubleshoot tracking code
  • upgrade to Universal Analytics and de-dupe Users
  • clean up data with View Filters and settings
  • highlight conversions by setting Goals and Funnels
  • visualize checkout paths with Enhanced Ecommerce
  • track video, social sharing and other on-page actions
  • segment more finely with Custom Dimensions and Metrics
  • track and distinguish mobile sites and apps

Google Tag Manager Training:

  • implement analytics, ad and other vendor tags with Google’s free Tag Management System
  • transition to the new GTM interface
  • administer Accounts and implement Containers
  • configure Tags from integrated vendors and create custom Tags
  • define firing and blocking Triggers
  • capture information to pass to vendors via Variables
  • test and validate tagging

Students are also invited to join us for lunch (on us) after AM sessions and before PM sessions to meet other analytics practitioners and take advantage of our “Help Desk” to get answers to any specific GA and GTM questions.

Please see below or click here for pricing and discount information.

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