Google Analytics 360: have it your way

google analytcs premium resellerEmpirical Path is thrilled to be selected as a Google Analytics™ 360 Authorized Reseller, enabling us to customize services and pricing for Google’s enterprise solution. Now we can deliver exactly the technical, reporting, and training services each client needs — including services that Google doesn’t offer — in a flexible pricing structure.

Google Analytics 360 changed the web analytics software landscape with a fixed, transparent price — $150,000 per year — for a combination of software license and fixed services. The license gets you enterprise-level reliability, power and security, and the services are implementation guidance, remote support, and training at a Google office.

But many enterprises need more than just guidance when they implement JavaScript to record key visitor behaviors across sites. And every data-driven organization wants analytics to drive site changes and inform decision-makers in the way they prefer. So Authorized Resellers like Empirical Path deliver services that you don’t get when purchasing directly from Google:

  • Regular and/or ad hoc reporting, analysis, interpretation, and business recommendations
  • Customized line-by-line code and QA for more than one site
  • Conversion optimization experiments using A/B/n testing
  • Integration with other systems such as marketing automation, CRM, call-tracking, and split testing
  • Onsite training annually with mid-year updates, all customized to the client’s business and implementation
  • API development to feed analytics data to spreadsheets, dashboards, and Business Intelligence tools

And by purchasing through Empirical Path, high-traffic sites control their investment by choosing the right tiers and setting caps (subject to Google minimums) for the services they want.

Here’s a few illustrations of the synergy between Google Analytics Premium and Empirical Path:

  • Google gives you Premium’s awesome speed and unsampled data, and Empirical Path pipes that data via the API into the systems and reports where you need it.
  • Google gives you Premium’s generous hit limits and dozens of Custom Variables, and Empirical Path creates the tags to track all the segments and events you want.
  • Google gives you Premium’s display ad impressions and Data Driven Attribution, and Empirical Path turns these reports into insights and recommendations.

Empirical Path has a deep understanding of verticals where GA Premium is a natural fit, especially media. High-traffic content sites often run up high-dollar bills from pay-per-hit analytics vendors, and run into sampling and data lags with Google Analytics Standard. So Premium’s flat fee for faster data — and its Drive and BigQuery integrations for unsampled data — can be a no-brainer. Read how we help content creators like Business Insider, Smithsonian Magazine, and Elsevier get the most from web analytics.

We also bring expertise in competing analytics tools that are often replaced or supplemented by Google Analytics Premium, so we can readily translate Adobe, Webtrends or IBM requirements into GA features and customizations. Read how we helped an entertainment client replace an expensive tool with Google Analytics.

As you can tell, we’re excited to deepen our long-time relationship with Google, which includes being chosen as:

Read a Google Analytics 360 case study about the customizations and integrations we’re delivering for one client.

Contact us to learn more, discuss your needs, and get a customized, flexible solution with all the services you need, structured the way you want to pay.

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