Fitness site gets in shape

World-class athletes are fast, on the field and online.

So an exercise company came to us for help tracking its website visitors as they moved among site sections and through the checkout process, as we describe in a new case study:

“A fitness equipment maker sold its product line exclusively through its e-commerce website, but could not attribute revenue to its campaigns due to multiple sub-domains.  Reporting was impaired by double-counted visits and ‘self-referrals’ appearing to be from the company’s own domain.”

This is a classic example of the cross-domain measurement issues we discussed in December’s “Entire web empire must be mapped” blog post.  In this client’s case, as in most cases where numerous marketing campaigns are cranking through multiple channels, the payoff was immediate:

“Now, managers of this e-commerce website can adjust spending among channels and on promotions within each channel based on reliable revenue figures.”

Read the full case study here.  Identifying cross-domain and -subdomain issues is a key part of our Web Analytics Audit.

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