Exchange links not-for-profits and students

We’re trying to do good while doing well.

Jim and I are each mentoring a web analytics student and donating digital measurement insights to a not-for-profit via the Analysis Exchange.  What is the Analysis Exchange?

“The Analysis Exchange is an effort designed to provide hands-on training opportunities for aspiring web analytics professionals while providing free web data analysis to the entire nonprofit community. The effort works by connecting organizations, mentors, and student participants:

  • Organizations include nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations who rarely benefit materially from web analytics but have a tremendous opportunity for optimization;
  • Students are motivated and intelligent individuals who are looking for hands-on experience with web analytics systems and real business questions;
  • Mentors come from the community of analytics experts willing to pledge their time to help nonprofits and students around the world, all for the sake of Analysis Exchange!”

Yes, we have an ulterior motive: we’re hiring entry- and mid-level analytics talent; we’ve expanded into not-for-profit hub Washington, DC; and local and Federal government, educational, and advocacy groups have long been a focus.  But we still aim to give something back.

In Jim’s case, he will guide a student through a web analytics engagement for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) in DC, a Google Analytics user that “would like to get a high-level overview of our current web site and comments about where opportunities for improvement might exist.”

As for me, KDHX Community Media in my birthplace of St. Louis is “beginning a new internal evaluation and growth project to increase participation and audience over time” and seeks to “understand what KPIs we should use in the larger project over time.”  Steve, Joan, and I also aim to discover new metrics during our three-week project.

Sign your not-for-profit up for pro-bono insights, or read more about how Empirical Path has helped college, public health, and other not-for-profits.

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