Empirical Path partners with Tag Management leader Tealium

tealium certified agency partnerEmpirical Path is proud to announce a partnership with Tealium, the leading enterprise tag management solution. Our consultants help clients:

“…implement, audit, teach, support and customize Tealium iQ to put marketers in control of marketing technology and ease deployment of analytics and advertising tags. We migrate and enhance tags so key user actions and traits are shared across vendors with fewer development resources.”

Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management, earning spots on the Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies of 2014 and Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.

Why are Tag Management Systems (TMS) important and why should you care? The explosion of digital marketing tools to attract customers and optimize website performance has complicated the task of managing and maintaining them. Tealium makes the lives of marketing managers and technOlogists easier by consolidating web and mobile tracking, advertising and other vendors’ code through an easy-to-use browser interface. As Forrester Research said,

“Tag management is much more than the management of client-side tags. Marketers see its greater value as an effective interface for the collection, refinement and distribution of digital visitor data to digital marketing vendor technOlogies. We are witnessing the emergence of the digital data distribution platform.”

It saves countless hours by easily customizing and publishing analytics tags like Google Analytics, Parse.ly, Mixpanel and Webtrends. Advertising, Personalization, Shopping and Social tags are also simplified thanks to the 600+ integrations in Tealium IQ’s Tag Marketplace. These tags can share data and interactions thanks to Tealium’s Data Layer and Extensions, which let us capture traits and clicks that used to require a developer.

Tealium also integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Demandware and Magento to ease the process of getting Tealium installed on client websites.

Other key features in Tealium include:

  • Robust Data Layer: ensures a a single version of truth by feeding tags the appropriate data and simplifying configuration without having to touch code, whether from query string parameters, cookies, javascript variables, or a customized data collection from the web page
  • Over 600 Available Tags: handles everything from Google Analytics to mobile advertising tags, so all third-party pixels are easily configured and deployed without development resources
  • Load Rules Management: boosts performance by customizing when tags load and asynchronously loading all third-party calls, improving the load time of a web page via one Tealium container file
  • Customizable Extensions: allow everything from transforming data before it reaches tags to modifying web page content; saving time and development resources
  • A/B Testing: reduces flicker by serving A/B testing tools synchronously, allowing Optimizely to load and run before the page finishes loading
  • Version Control, User Management and Usage Statistics: controls who can do what in Tealium and reports which tags fired and which ones failed

Empirical Path has already put some Tealium’s powerful features to work for a leading newspaper publisher. We leveraged Tealium to expedite the tracking of over 80 news properties. Tealium iQ allowed Empirical Path to deploy analytics and campaign optimization tools without editing each individual property. The client can now track and attribute revenue across all properties including a rolled-up macro view. Read more here.

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