Empirical Path opens kimono

Digital measurement clientsIf a logo is also worth a thousand words, then our new graphics won’t shut up.

Empirical Path is proud to reveal some of our current and past clients by adding select logos to key pages on our site (many other clients must remain anonymous due to arrangements with our ad agency partners). On the heels of our recent mission statement exercise, arranging client logos has made us think even more deeply about what we offer digital marketers and how it’s unique.

One thing is for sure: our services know no boundaries. The Washington, DC area, where Empirical Path started and maintains an office, is the top client location, followed by Atlanta, Georgia, where Jim Snyder leads the web analytics practice. But California and the New York City area tie for third place, along with Missouri, where we enjoy some deep agency partnerships. Philadelphia, the UK, and New Mexico – where founder Peter Howley lives – are the next tier of locations we’ve served.

There is also no upper limit on the size of client we’ll serve, as evidenced by the household names among our selection (and we can’t show some really great names in finance, health, and CPG). Nearly four in five clients are B2C or otherwise target consumers, and over a third are also or exclusively B2B.

Which is not to say we don’t help early stage firms: over half of our non-agency clients are start-ups. This is partly a legacy of our business planning practice that turns analytics and market research into financials and marketing plans for investor presentations. But it also includes pure digital measurement clients like Kapitall and Business Insider in Silicon Alley and Codesion and TRX in Silicon Valley.

Our list also reinforces our skills in adapting analytics tools and processes to organizations that don’t simply sell or prospect online. Media is our number-one vertical, accounting for a quarter of all clients, no surprise given Jim and my backgrounds in content businesses. Not-for-profit and government is a smaller but significant chunk, 15% of our clients, including Federal agencies, universities, public radio stations, religious organizations, and trade associations.

Finally, we don’t try to do everything, so we can partner with those who do. 36% of our clients are through traditional or interactive advertising agencies, who either white-label us like any other contract expert, or bring us onto projects as a disclosed, objective party. Of our direct clients, a healthy and welcome share were referred by SEM, SEO, design, and other online marketing providers, who — because we do not compete — we get to know on shared projects and can in turn refer to others. The balance of our business comes from referrals from our software and staffing partners and the networks we’ve built in our respective 12+ years in the web business.

For our first nine years in business, we followed the Bain & Company approach in which I was trained: clients remain anonymous. But our clients are proud to boast about how we have improved their web presence by measurement and optimization, so why shouldn’t we be?

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