Empirical Path Named Parse.ly Agency Alliance Partner

Empirical Path is proud to be named official Agency Alliance Partner of Parse.ly, the innovative analytics platform for publishers.

As proven providers of custom web analytics solutions for publishers, we have been watching Parse.ly with great interest in their mission to help media organizations better understand customers and content engagement with intuitive, integrated tools. With features like measurement of distributed content off-site (e.g., Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News), streaming access to real-time data, and bulk access to historic data, Parse.ly is making life better for our clients–something we’re always in favor of.  We look forward to helping others realize the platform’s full potential.

As an Agency Alliance program member, Empirical Path benefits from advanced training and support knowledge of the Parse.ly platform. Parse.ly clients who work with approved Agency Alliance partners receive benefits such as discounted rate-card pricing and early access to new features.

With the proliferation of content distribution networks, ad blockers, and multi-stream revenue models, media companies face complex transitions to new ways of doing business and measuring performance. Parse.ly understands these challenges and is constantly developing new solutions. For instance, Parse.ly’s Sponsored Content features improve on native advertising solutions by enhancing client reports with deeper engagement insights and creating personalized experiences for sponsored content viewers. Measurement as usual simply no longer fits the needs of editorial teams navigating today’s nuanced digital landscape.

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As a certified Parse.ly Agency Partner, Empirical Path delivers smarter and faster implementations for publishers and content marketing teams.

A big part of Parse.ly’s mission is helping publishers take ownership of their data. For developers, Parse.ly has made their API and Data Pipeline open and easy to integrate across common programming languages, business intelligence consoles like Tableau, and enterprise-grade storage tools like BigQuery and Redshift. With many direct and custom integrations available, the possibilities really are endless. It is here where Empirical Path helps customers plan and build custom implementations involving existing measurement tools and data pipelines.

Off-the-shelf, Parse.ly does a lot of amazing things for digital publishers, but unlocking its full potential requires custom implementation. Contact us to discuss what’s possible when you dig into the data a little deeper and start combining Parse.ly’s rich insights with your web analytics and reporting tools.

We help publishers and content marketing teams make the most of their Parse.ly investment:

Strategic planning

Good results start with good planning.  Let us help you blueprint your implementation and recommend the best Tag Management Systems for efficient deployments and maximum forward-looking integrations.

Testing, Segmentation, and Validation

With Parse.ly’s advanced insights comes more complex segmentations and custom tracking of metadata such as authors, sections, tags and custom tags. Let us help you validate what your analytics tools are collecting and reporting on so you understand and trust your data before you begin running A/B tests, personalizing content, and reallocating resources.

Parse.ly API & Data Pipeline

Are you ready for a lot of data? The good news is Parse.ly makes it easy for publishers to take ownership of their whole data set and makes it possible to integrate across a wide stack of analysis tools. The problem can be knowing exactly what to do with it all. Our experience and expertise with big data in the publishing sector can help content teams export, store, and analyze Parse.ly’s very large sets of data and provide the training to help your team get busy using the data instead of managing it.

Custom Reporting

At the end of the day, tools do not ask the questions or tell you the answers. That’s where people and processes come in. Analysis and application of data requires clear and meaningful lines of inquiry, strict mapping to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and interpretation of the data through focused reporting in tabular and visual formats. Let our team help your team focus on the right reports and automate the insights.

Keep an eye on Parse.ly. There is more to come. We’ll be sure to share some of our best practices and learnings as we go. For companies interested in learning more about exactly what the Parse.ly and Empirical Path teams can do for comprehensive content measurement, we are offering, for a limited time, a free site consultation where we explore your tracking challenges and outline how a custom Parse.ly solution might fit your needs.

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