Empirical Path expands

“Say ‘hello’ to my our little growing company”

Empirical Path has spent eight years as my sole proprietorship offering market research, business planning, alliance development, and marketing measurement.  Clients have ranged from Federal agencies and not-for-profits to media and technology firms, both early-stage and market-leading.  Advertising agencies accounted for a good 50% of the business.  On the side, I worked with two partners at Net/Net Analytics, which focused solely on the web analytics market.

Now, I’ve been joined by Jim Snyder from Net/Net; Empirical Path is a shiny new Delaware LLC; and web analytics is foremost among three practice areas, which also include market research and campaign measurement.  We’ve moved our main office to Atlanta while keeping a Western US office in New Mexico.  We’ve invested in a new corporate identity, a new website, online banking for paperless invoicing and contractor payment, indemnity insurance, and a travel budget that will get us to eMetrics, SXSWi, and OMMA shows.

Most important for the Web Analytics practice that Jim leads, we’ve also invested in documenting the advanced client work that will qualify Empirical Path to be a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, the only one in Georgia.  Once we pass Google’s stringent screening [update: done!], our travel itinerary will include the GAAC summit in Mountain View each year, where we’ll learn about plans for the market-leading, enterprise-class web analytics solution from Google.

Most important for our new bank account, every one of our clients is making the switch to Empirical Path LLC, and we’ve already added two more advertising agency clients.  A new-media client in Los Angeles has asked us to provide full-time, on-site service, so we’re also recruiting to grow by 50%.

What won’t change with this expansion is Empirical Path’s focus on measurement, commitment to objectivity, and translation of all findings into useful business information.  Please follow Empirical Blog on RSS and Jim, Peter, and Empirical Path on Twitter.

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