Empirical Blog launches

Three years of procrastination have come to an end.

Empirical Path is practicing what it preaches and launching Empirical Blog to share news and insights on web analytics, market research, our partners, our clients, and online marketing in general.  We aim to write updates every week or so, as client deadlines and travel permit.

What took so long?  For one, I used to be a journalist (admittedly, only at the Seneca Valley Talon, Rice Thresher, Harvard Business School Harbus, and Houston Post, the first three of which survived the experience), so I bring to writing the same obsessive-complusiveness and perfectionism that drew me to web analytics.

What’s more, when you’re a campaign measurement consultant, you’d better have your own house in order and showcase some best practices.  So it’s taken some time to configure this site, its Google Analytics, and Empirical Path’s Twitter, LinkedIn, bit.ly, HootSuite, Feedburner, and TwitterFeed accounts to sing from the same sheet of music and tell us what’s engaging readers and what’s not.  More on this in an upcoming post (now posted).

Please contact us with any suggestions, whether they are to enable comments or to cover more about, say, the not-for-profit sector.  Please also follow Empirical Blog on RSS and Jim, Peter, and Empirical Path on Twitter.

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