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Reaching out to supporters and stakeholders always costs time and money, and no sector is under more pressure to conserve both than not-for-profits.  That’s why we were so welcomed at Agora Partnerships in Washington, DC when we delivered a way to track which campaigns are worth the investment as part of an Analysis Exchange team.  From our new case study on the project:

google analytics campaign tracking

“The highest priority for Agora, however, was Empirical Path’s finding that visits from key marketing channels were not clearly distinguishable in the out-of-the-box Google Analytics reporting.  For instance, clicks on email newsletters were reported as Direct Visits when recipients used email clients such as Outlook, but were reported as Referrals when recipients used webmail such as Gmail.  Visits driven by carefully composed staff social media posts were impossible to differentiate from visits due to posts made by supporters and other outside parties.  Google AdWords traffic was clear in reports, but pay-per-click search engine marketing on other platforms would be mixed in with organic search traffic resulting from search engine optimization.”

This is a common pain point in every sector, but by virtue of being a not-for-profit, Agora got our expert advice for free through the Analysis Exchange.  What is the Analysis Exchange?

“The Analysis Exchange is an effort designed to provide hands-on training opportunities for aspiring web analytics professionals while providing free web data analysis to the entire nonprofit community. The effort works by connecting organizations, mentors, and student participants.”

We’ve since launched a similar service — a customized process, tool, training and report to track campaigns — as a fixed-fee offering for commercial clients: Campaign Tracking costs $2,500 (less for Google Analytics clients, thanks to our partnership with Google) and lets marketers see which channels, placements, and messages best drive visitation and conversion.  You can finally compare email, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing (SEM), affiliates, and display ads.

Update: the Official Blog of the Analysis Exchange also featured this project.

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