Cox renovates its SiteCatalyst

Cox’s helps homeowners fix up their houses. Empirical Path helped Cox fix up its Omniture metrics, as detailed in our new case study:

adobe sitecatalyst pathfinder“The site had deployed Adobe SiteCatalyst, powered by Omniture, to measure success in driving subscriptions and consumer engagement.  However, the legacy SiteCatalyst implementation didn’t distinguish key content and audience segments, such as paid vs. free listings and geography, and didn’t track video.  As a result, management was unable to close the loop between campaigns aimed at merchants and resulting paid listings.”

We used every weapon in our arsenal to help this media business get the most from its investment in SiteCatalyst, Discover, and DataWarehouse: audits, dashboards, rich media tracking, SAINT product classifications, CRM integration, and one of our specialties, campaign tracking.  Having grown up in content and advertising businesses like,, AOL, and, consultants Peter Howley and Jim Snyder helped Kudzu answer questions about geographic markets, advertiser visibility, and content promotion.

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