Conversion Optimization

We run split tests to improve the conversion power of key landing, product, registration, and shopping cart pages. Using Google’s free Optimize or Analytics Experiments, or premium tools like Google Optimize 360, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, and Adobe Target, we design, manage and interpret experiments to determine the combination of offers, copy, art and layout that maximizes results.

Empirical Path consultants learn the business and review the numbers to propose experiments. We gather requirements to recommend and implement a testing tool. Depending on visitation and the number of test elements, we recommend the appropriate design: A/B, A/B/n, or multivariate test. After a significant number of visits to tested page permutations, Empirical Path identifies the best performing combination of elements and quantifies the improvement in conversion from deploying that mix. Websites have seen remarkable lifts in conversion rates through split testing, whether success is measured by orders, registrations, leads, or content consumption.

Read about one Content Experiments client’s A/B/n test on its main landing page and the boost in signups it yielded. Or our partnership with Optimizely.

Or contact us for more details on our fixed-fee conversion optimization engagements:

Simple, Fixed Pricing:

  • First test: $4,000
  • Each subsequent test: $2,000
  • Package of first three tests: $6,600 (an 18% discount)
  • Any tool license fees at cost
  • Excludes Test&Target

Systematic Approach:


Systematic Approach:
Phase Deliverable Occurs Once Per
Discovery Understand client’s business objectives and website content and design levers Client
Analysis Propose most leveraged pages or templates for split testing based on web analytics data Client
Tool Implementation Evaluate, recommend and implement testing tool with client technology team Client
Ideation Brainstorm alternative page elements based on web analytics and peer benchmarking Test
Experiment Design Detail methodology, timeline, and page elements to be tested Test
Experiment Implementation Execute split test with client technology team using selected tool Test
Recommendations Analyze results and propose changes to default page or template Test

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